Welcome to the first ever Dirty South Musings. On occasion, I’ll be posting up some of my random thoughts, ideas, comments, stories and more. I’m warning you now, it’s going to get random. Some of it, you might hate, some of it might crack you up, some of it might not make any sense to you. Well, no matter what, you’re reading it aren’t you? So yeah, suck it up and enjoy the awesomeness. Let’s get started.

We’re starting to roll right along through the races for this year’s GNCC series and it’s been awesome so far. This is also the first year that I’ll make every single race. Last year I only missed 3 of them, so I’m improving on that. The more I’m around the races the more I adjust to it and the more I can’t wait for the next one. I’m having a blast working with the TV crew and occasionally doing other stuff. I’d like to get into doing more over time because I genuinely enjoy working with the series.

Snowshoe is just around the corner as well, and I’m super pumped like Dungey. If you’ve never been to Snowshoe, GO. It’s hands down the most awesome off-road racing event definitely on the east coast and possibly in the entire country. It’s often that you get the chance to race at an upscale ski resort, and add in that the race separates the men from the boys, and you’ve got a serious recipe for awesomeness.

Childhood mullets in today’s society should be considered child abuse. (this got like 15+ likes on Facebook a few months ago)

A few weeks ago I attended the Perry Mountain 24 Hour Challenge in Maplesville, Alabama. How was it? Awesome. Dope as $h!t bro. The 24 hour format is an awesome idea. Pretty much anything can happen at this race. The FMF/KTM team was stacked. The roster consisted of Kailub Russell, Brad Bakken, Steward Baylor, Mike Brown, Cory Buttrick and Russell Bobbitt. Yeah, five guys who’s last names begin with a B, plus Kailub. At least Kailub has a b somewhere in his name, so he wasn’t left out of the team name awesomeness.

A guy by the name of Michael Goodman won the Ironman class. This dude did 40 laps. I added that up. He probably rode about 18 to 20 hours total. Frickin beast! I’d never heard of Michael before but after I checked out the results and saw his impressive ride, I thought this dude was an absolute bad@$$. Then I found out he rode a DRZ 250! As if the 40 laps wasn’t impressive enough, he did it on a bike that could make even the strongest man weep. This guy must be from another planet. A planet of awesomeness.

Adult mullets in today’s society should be tracked, and tagged for awesomeness. From there, mullet hunts will be conducted. 1 point for each mullet photo you snag. Double points if the mullet is attached to a guy with a beer gut. If he’s driving an 80’s model Camaro, it’s triple points. Additional points should be added for each stereotypical redneck act. If he’s drinking beer or chewing Skoal, you’ve bagged a true winner.

Hey, have you checked out http://www.seattime.co yet? Those guys are totally awesome. The shows are a bit long but it’s worth the watch because the entertainment value is pretty much on a high level. One day, I hope I’m that awesome.

Why is McDonalds always the most crowded fast food place? You might as well just drink a big cup of grease. It would be the same thing.

People who don’t know better probably think that Rob Mitchell and I are legitimately gay. Please note, we are conversexuals. This means we’re gay for each other in conversation. In real life, we both dig chicks.

Last week I had the chance to check out the future home of Powersport Grafx and Genuine Dirt Racer. When they finish it up and move in, that place will be epically sick. It’s in an old Lowes warehouse, so the place is massive. They’re also going to have a killer test track. Bart Hayes gave me the run down on what’s going to be what in the building and all I can say is, when it’s finished, it will be well worth your time to check it out, AND they’re going to be able to service your graphic, bike and suspension needs better than ever. One word, and you know what I’m about to say… AWESOME.

I think short jorts (jean shorts) would be an awesome addition to anyone’s wardrobe… Well, almost anyone.

You know what would be a cool start for an offroad race? Riders line up in the first turn… On tricycles. They ride the tricycles to their bikes, start them, and go.

I thought I saw Zach Galifinakis (dude from The Hangover) once… but then I realized it was just some homeless guy.

Awesome guy of the week: Barry Hawk. Do I even need an explanation for that one?

That’s going to do it for this edition of Dirty South Musings. I used the word awesome 13 times in this post. That’s so awesome… Make that 14.