I’ve been looking at some of my site analytics and over the past few days I’ve been getting hits from people searching for info on the upcoming Snowshoe GNCC. Well, look no further! Okay, you might have to look further, but your favorite goon is here to give you some info that will maximize your fun at the Snowshoe GNCC. If you’re only here to skim through, make sure you read the end because I’ll mention something even better, and just in case you’re skimming through this paragraph, well, I’m sorry I could hold your interest for more than 10 seconds.

The first issue you’re going to encounter once you’ve made all your race weekend reservations and plans is the task of getting there. Not everyone reading this will come from the same direction. The bigger issue will be those of you traveling from the south and east on I-64. You can take US-219 from I-64 at Lewisburg, WV. This will be your shortest way, however it’s extremely mountainous. If you’re driving any type of large motorhome or have a large trailer, I wouldn’t recommend taking this route. MapQuest and your GPS will probably tell you to go this way… Yeah, don’t do it unless you like driving into the other lane and holding up traffic.

For the complete directions, you can get them on the GNCC site, along with even more info on Snowshoe.

Once you’ve conquered the drive, your next adventure will be at the gate. The admission for Snowshoe is $20 opposed to the usual $15 at other GNCC events. Friday is included in that cost if you’re cool enough to make a full weekend out of the event.

Friday will also feature the annual GNCC Golf Tournament. If you’re not playing you might could go check it out and play a round of “Golf Course Air Horn”… Actually, I wouldn’t recommend doing that unless you feel like having to pack up, turn around and go home.

Unfortunately there’s no karaoke scheduled for this year. That’s kind of a bummer because it was a huge hit last year but there’s still plenty of awesome stuff to do all weekend besides the racing action… However, there’s some talk about a ghetto karaoke jam being organized. If it goes down, I’ll let you know in my next post (see below)

Let’s talk about the Snowshoe Village. This is where it’s at. It’s the happnin’ spot. The area surrounding the village serves as the main area for the race. Sign up, scoring, pro pits, the start, the podium and more are all surrounding the village. This is also the popular place to eat and hangout once the racing action is over for the day.

The Junction Restaurant is probably the more popular of these. The Junction serves your standard stuff you’d expect at anywhere like Chilli’s or Applebees or any of those places you see in a million places. Except the Junction is cooler.

The Foxfire Grill is the BBQ joint. It’s also a bar. If you need to know more than that to make your decision on it, then just go check it out yourself. Nuff said.

Starbucks is in the Village. No explanation needed.

Cheat Mountain Pizza is in the Village. They serve pizza… and it’s pretty awesome.

There’s places to shop in the village. Hit it up! Just don’t go all Winona Ryder on that joint.

You’ve also got the option to stick with the traditional evening activities of a GNCC. Such as bench racing with your buddies, working on your bike that you didn’t finish working on during the week, giving Bolt-on money (this one is your best idea) or pretty much anything else you can think of.

Snowshoe is like no other race in the country, and if you’re going then you better make the best of it because it only comes around once a year. The venue is beautiful, the terrain is rugged and the racing is intense. You’re going to enjoy yourself, no doubt.

I’ll be arriving at Snowshoe on Thursday afternoon. I’ll check things out, get some info and post up what I find Thursday night or Friday morning, so don’t forget to check back then to get even more info, photos and more awesomeness.