Yeah. That’s right.

I’ve been trying to think of ways to spice up the site and get some fresh content up. Truth is, I’m too busy (and lazy) to keep it coming non-stop. However, I’ve thought of something quick and easy that I think could be a pretty cool addition, and will be cool to look back on in years to come. Brace yourself for this… I’m going to do some posts that are… Gulp… actual blogs.

I know that sounds insanely lame right now because who the hell cares about someone else’s life? Well, my idea is to only recap my weekends at races. Basically like a race report, only my experiences very rarely ever include that part about actually racing. I’ll be giving the run down about what all happened (well, I’m sure I’ll leave some stuff out), what I thought of the event, what I did, and more.

Of course, all this will also feature random commentary on various stuff because it’s way too easy for me to get sidetracked when talking about something. Speaking of that, what’s the deal with people on Twitter and Facebook acting like their life is so tough? Okay, you’re healthy, live in a decent place and you get to go do stuff every weekend. Seriously.. Shut up.

Anyway, consider this the official announcement of future awesomeness. Tell you friends about the site. Come back often. Just do something to show me that you’re actually reading this crap.