Each year we see the Grammy’s, Oscars, VMA’s, Kids Choice Awards, CMA’s, Video Game Awards, and dozens of other useless and boring awards shows. Well, this year I’ve decided that the off-road world needs something like that. However, instead of the kind of same old same old super formal awards show, I think we deserve to have some fun with our’s.

That’s why I’ve decided to do the first ever Off-Road Awesomeness Awards. Right now it’s going to be very simple and won’t even be an entire ceremony. In fact, I can’t even pay for real awards so if you win something, you’re getting a piece of paper with some fancy Photoshop design on it. Congrats in advance.

Now as ghetto as that may sound, I do want this to be half way serious and want a lot of participation. I’d love to get some backing for awards from somewhere. If you own a company who would like to sponsor this and pay for awards or something, contact me at jbolton@jaredbolton.com and I’ll work out a killer deal for you.

Once all the voting has concluded, I’ll throw up a video highlighting who won what, and maybe it will be a little more fun too. So now if you’ve read this far I’m probably starting to lose you attention, so, be sure to help make this thing big. I definitely think this could be something fun for everyone, and with enough participation we can make it legit.

Now onto what the awards will be. I have a few in mind already, however, I’d love to come up with more. So, if you have an idea for an award please comment on this post and let me know, or email me at jbolton@jaredbolton.com

Once we have all the awards nailed down, I’ll open up for nominations on who should win what. From there, the nominees will be pared down and there will be polls posted for everyone to vote on who should win each award. The winners will be the ones with most votes.. Therefore, this is all up to you!

I’ll also make an official press release of this soon, so stay tuned for that. It will be a good bit more formal than this post.

As for the awards already in mind, here’s what I’ve got so far… Explanations are to side as needed.

Best All Around Off-Road Website
Best Site Content
Best Site Design
Most Awesome Contributor
Best Breaking News
Most Informative
Most Awesome For Distracting From Work – The site you can kill the most time on and enjoy it.

Best Off-Road Videos
Most Creative Videos
Best Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Music Selection
Most Random Music Selection
Best Helmet Cam – Best helmet cam videos from one person
Most Awesome Individual Race Video
Most Awesome Individual Helmet Cam Video

Rider of the Year
Best All Around
Most Improved
Hard Luck
Best Rock Rider
Best Mud Rider
Best Sand Rider
Best Extreme Rider
Most Awesome All Around
Best Goon Rider

Best Event
Best Track
Best Series
Best Riders In An Individual Series
Toughest Series
Toughest Event
Best Organized Series
Best Promoted Series
Best Promoted Event

True Awesomeness Award
Gnarliest Dude Ever
Gnarliest Chick Ever
True Badass Award

Open to suggestions on other awards! Email me at jbolton@jaredbolton.com


That’s the info for now. I’ll have up a formal announcement soon with more details. Be sure to tell you friends and let’s make this thing truly awesome!