So the X-Games Endurocross event literally just ended a few moments before I began writing this, and I decided this was the perfect place to start a new feature that I want to call “Bolt-Onpinions” (I have a prize for whoever can come up with a creative name that I like better) where I’ll voice my opinion on random stuff.

To open up the first one, I want to say WOW! What an amazing event. That was quite possibly the greatest Endurocross event I’ve ever seen. There was more action packed into those heats and main events than there is into a whole weekend of racing at some events. I’m incredibly pumped to see an off-road event in the mainstream. Hopefully this will only propel the sport to a new level, not only Endurocross but all forms of off-road racing.

The racing itself was great. Just making it through the first turn seemed to be a challenge sometimes and the course offered up plenty of challenge itself. You know it’s a good race when Taddy Blazusiak has to qualify from the LCQ. Naturally he went on to take the win because he’s just a beast like that but he had a challenge from Geoff Aaron and Mike Brown for a little while.

The Womens race was nothing short of epic greatness. I’d love to see one of those races at least twice a week. Maria Forsberg absolutely obliterated the competition and lapped all the way to second place. That’s pure and simple greatness. It was also cool to see a few of the moto girls jump in there and give it a shot. The amount of spectacular crashes during the Womens race added to the entertainment value as well. You have to give props to the girls for not giving up though.

All in all I’d say that Endurocross is a fine addition to X-Games and I’m glad they added it. While I was a little disappointed in some of the coverage of other events throughout X-Games 17 I must say that they did a great job on the Endurocross event and I definitely hope that’s an event that stays for years to come.

Who couldn’t enjoy such an epic event? Well, I’m sure there’s some hardcore moto guys out there who don’t but maybe if they loosened up their flatbills, learned to ride for more than 5 laps, and stop bitching about everything then maybe they could understand it.

That’s all I’ve got for this one. Want to see more Bolt-Onpinions (or something of a better name) let me know what you want to see me praise, trash or just generally ramble on about.


Here’s the full main events of the both Mens and Womens Endurocross… Found these on YouTube, not mine at all.