Thurman Merman hates the off-season.

So I’m fairly certain that it’s widely agreed upon that the off-season sucks. Sure, down south you can still hit up some various local races and there’s still some riding to be done but overall, off-season just blows. It’s needed though to replenish your energy.. Oh, and your wallet too. Not to mention that you’d basically be limited to racing down south and there’s only so many places you can go before it all starts to get boring, take that from someone who knows first hand.

While the general consensus all say it flat out bites a big one, some might be left to wonder exactly why the off-season sucks so bad. Well, take it from someone who has spent the past few weekends sitting at home, there’s plenty of reasons why it blows. First off, with no big trips to go on you’re forced to sit around that hellhole you know as your hometown. For some it’s not a big deal but for others, you remember why you always want to get out of the godforsaken place to begin with. Instead, you’re forced to be a normal part of the general population with the various stereotypes that inhabit your town.

Another thing is that unless you’re out riding at every opportunity, you’ll be spending some time sitting around the house doing nothing. This can potentially lead to nearly causing you to truly go insane. Generally your boredom is attempted to be broken by occupying yourself with YouTube videos, frequently checking the moto and off-road sites which haven’t been updated due to a lack of news, and just generally thinking of dumb stuff to do. That last one can actually result in some pretty good YouTube moments if you’re creative enough. This little gem of a video is a perfect example of off-season boredom from last year….

The off-season sucks thanks to the lack of moto news going around as well. With nothing interesting to talk about, all the off-road sites suffer. It would spice things up if there was a TMZ style moto/off-road site just without the boring stuff. Brotocross comes pretty close, and since that guy has an opinion for everything, expect him to be going strong through the off-season.. Yeah, there’s something to look forward to other than mindlessly counting down the days until next season.

You’re also going to be spending a lot of time watching movies. Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier every year so you know you’re going to be subjected to every cheesy Christmas movie ever made. Again, there’s always an upside… When it comes to Christmas movies, if you have to watch them Bad Santa and Christmas Vacation are always worth watching. In fact, if you noticed the image earlier of Thurman Murman, that now makes sense, but also take a closer look at him. He looks bored out of his mind… Well, maybe he looked that way through the whole movie but regardless, that’s what you’re going to look like during the off-season.

Oh, and if you don’t keep up your training and fitness as well, you’re going to be packing on the pounds and when it comes time to take to the track in 2012, you’ll be so out of shape that you’ll feel like you’re about to explode… Take that from an expert on not-training. Those pounds of Thanksgiving turkey and whatever else you may consume (liquid counts) can take it’s toll.

On the bright side, there’s always banquets to look forward to and even more various fun activities to spice up a couple of weekends through the off-season. There’s still the occasional local race to be done and when January and February roll around there’s more than a few races going on down south and the National Enduro season officially kicks off.

So make the best of your off-season and invent your own fun to make your way through it. Until next time, always remember… Blogs suck.