Well, this time I went less than multiple months without posting one of these. It was close, but I’ve managed to squeak in under the 2 month mark. Regardless, it’s still been a while. In a nutshell, I’ve done some things and stuff. And a little bit of whatnot. Yay, great success, you’re already bored with reading this. Last time I wrote one of these things, I left off right after The Ironman GNCC. Well, since then there really isn’t anything overly exciting to talk about. I mean, there’s some cool stuff I guess but it seems like every time I post one of these I actually give the disclaimer of how boring I really am. Oh well. If you don’t like it, I don’t really care. That’s what the comment section is for anyway, and guess what? I still don’t really care then either. So here it goes.

I don’t really have anything cool to talk about after The Ironman other than putting in work at my other job. It seems like when I mention working at Powersport Grafx to people or they get an email from my PG email, I get a lot of “Oh I didn’t know you worked there too!” well, I do. And I have for like 9 months now, actually. I’ll dive more into this stuff in a minute…

I guess the next big thing after The Ironman was the purchase of my new motor scooter cycle machine that I decked out with some sweet graphics. I kind of have a thing for taking bikes that are a few years older and making them look cool and making people jealous. This time, I picked up a 2008 KTM 250XC-F from Craigslist. It was SUPER clean and the previous owner took awesome care of it, so that was a plus for sure. Really, all it needed to look extra awesome was some sharp graphics. So I devised a plan… We took the base art of the 2010 Factory KTM Team kit, changed the black to the blue from the 2014 Factory KTM Team kit. Then took the small white KTM logo and replaced it with the large orange fade KTM logo on the 2014 kit, and added the logos I wanted. Pretty sweet right?!

Here’s a comparison photo from Kurt Caselli’s 2010 race bike, and my kit…

So not long after I got that bike I had the chance to help out with the Silver Creek GP in Morganton, NC. Silver Creek holds  long history of hosting motocross and hare scramble events in North Carolina. After sitting for a few years, the track has been revamped and is hosting some occasional practices and of course the GP race. Unfortunately I believe some rain may have scared people off but the track turned out awesome and there was a pretty good Pro turnout as well with Chris Bach taking the Pro 125 class win over TJ Snow and Chris Venditti while Charlie Mullins took the Pro class win and a $1000 purse with Chris Bach and Trevor Bollinger rounding out the podium. I spent the day riding sweep and even after spinning about 25 laps total on the track between Friday and Saturday, still thoroughly enjoyed the race.

The next big event was the GNCC banquet. It was a banquet and I had a lot of fun. I think that’s just about all the details on that and you can pretty much figure out the rest yourself… From there, I drove back home to NC for about 3 hours, then Tim and Griff Cotter picked me up and we were off to Gainesville, Florida for the Thor Winter Olympics! AKA Mini O’s for those who are too lazy to say the whole name (myself included). I had a blast all week filming the moto action and it was pretty crazy to me to be there working an event that wasn’t a Racer Productions or MX Sports event but I was pretty impressed with how everything was ran, and how quick they knocked motos out! It was a blast.

So I came back home and worked at PG and did things and stuff and then I went to the SETRA Little Brown Jug Hare Scramble which was a full blown mudder and I totally sucked worse than I usually suck and I hated life and I got 5th and I suck at riding in mud and I gotta wash my bike and grammar rules are dumb sometimes.

Ok. Back to the PG job. I saw Offroad Viking’s new “In the Know” post and they mentioned about how they’re looking for a new Videographer/Editor and also a Blogger as well. And the quote from that post was: “We’re looking for everybody from the pro guys, amateurs, pit moms/dads or Jared Bolton. [Side note: Jared Bolton day to day could be one of the most entertaining reads ever.] “


Well, after seeing that it inspired me to recap a typical day of my life on a non-GNCC week, which means I’m working at PG, which I’ve been doing. So, here it goes…

7:00AM – Alarm goes off for first time… I reset it.
7:45AM – 2nd Alarm.. Eh, I can sleep a little longer.
8:00AM – Crap. I better hurry.
8:04AM – I’m almost ready.
8:04:30AM – I’ve gotta poop, WHAT?!
8:04:45AM – Poop. Catching up on Twitter/Instagram.
8:05:45AM – Facebook… While pooping.
8:07AM – Mad Skills MX…. While pooping.
8:12AM – I gotta go! Brush teeth. It stinks in here. Gag
8:15AM – Out the door, ANNDD it’s raining.
8:22AM – Stuck behind a 178 year old woman driving 25 in a 45.
8:28AM – Pull in parking lot at PG.
8:29:30AM – Clock in… With 30 seconds to spare. SUCK IT!
8:32AM – Giving Little Brown Jug race recap to office… I sucked, the end.
8:38AM – Look at email with nude chick.
8:42AM – Look at email pertaining to Jimmy Lewis Adventure Riding Class this weekend.
8:45AM – Refer back to nude chick email.
8:50AM – Catch up on PG Facebook.
9:01AM – Check and answer a few more emails
9:07AM – Walk downstairs and creep up on Dennis Jonon (artist)
9:10AM – Refer back to nude chick email.
9:16AM – PG Monday meeting.. Everyone is waiting on me. I’m still looking at nude chick email.
9:22AM – Recap LBJ pro race in meeting.
9:27AM – Still in meeting, say some more words.
9:48AM – Meeting over.
9:50AM – Take a pee.
9:55AM – Back in office. Looking at random stuff online…
10:00AM – Listening to Bloodhound Gang on Spotify.
10:01AM – Check RidePGPowersports website for activity.
10:07AM – Glancing over PG websites for any issues after updates.
10:17AM – Walk downstairs and creep up on Dennis Jonon.
10:20AM – Listening to ZZ Top Live From Texas album on Spotify.
10:21AM – Various rider sponsorship stuff.
10:35AM – Check PG HookIt profile.
10:38AM – Answering HookIt sponsorship requests.
10:53AM – Walk downstairs and creep up on Dennis Jonon.
10:55AM – Take a pee again… I had a lot of water this morning.
10:58AM – Discussing some new products with Ben Weathers.
11:01AM – Creep up on Dennis Jonon.
11:02AM – Researching info for new products.
11:15AM – Phone with Ben talking about new products.
11:17AM – Wanting new products done so I can try them.
11:18AM – Listening to “Summertime Sadness” on Spotify. Judge me. I don’t care.
11:18:30AM – Checking various PG social media profiles.
11:25AM – More new product discussion.
11:28AM – More new product research.
11:35AM – Discussing cutting new trails.
11:37AM – Listening to “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley on Spotify.
11:38AM – Mocking up a graphic kit idea for a sponsored rider.
11:42AM – Being shown property line boundaries for a new riding location.
11:48AM – Still mocking up graphic kit for sponsored rider.
11:50AM – Listening to “Dashboard” by Modest Mouse on Spotify.
11:51AM – Almost done with graphic mock up.
11:53AM – Refer back to nude chick email.
11:55AM – Funny YouTube video.
11:57AM – Answering emails.
11:58AM – Listening to “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra on Spotify.
11:58:30 – Refer back to nude chick email.
12:00PM – Walking downstairs to ask Ben where we’re going for lunch.
12:01PM – Creep up on Dennis Jonon.
12:04PM – Leave office with Bart and Ben for lunch.
12:11PM – Arrive at “Hadley’s Restaurant” for lunch.
12:15PM – Order double cheeseburger with fries and Dr. Pepper.
12:26PM – Eat double cheeseburger with fries.
12:45PM – Leave Hadley’s.
12:52PM – Pass shop.
12:53PM – Drive past future riding area/possible race location.
12:53:30PM – Drive up industrial road into future riding area/possible race location.
12:59PM – Arrive back at shop.
1:01PM – Sit back down at computer.
1:02PM – Refer back to nude chick email.
1:05PM – Check other emails that came in during lunch.
1:07PM – Check personal email.
1:09PM – Refer back to nude chick email.
1:11PM – Update various PG Facebook info.
1:12PM – Add new PG Facebook post.
1:14PM – Check PG Hookit profile.
1:16PM – Walk downstairs and creep up on Dennis Jonon.
1:18PM – Take a pee.
1:22PM – Sit down and glance at other various items that need attention (top secret!).
1:33PM – Eat an apple Jolly Rancher.
1:33:30PM – Listening to “Gone Back to Whorin” by Roger Alan Wade on Spotify.
1:33:45PM – More various top secret items.
1:35PM – Listening to “Voodoo Child” by Stevie Ray Vaughan on Spotify.
1:36PM – Refer back to nude chick email.
1:38PM – Walk downstairs and creep up on Dennis Jonon.
1:40PM – Begin work on new “PG Employee Profile” images to showcase who works here.
1:41PM – Listening to “All The Little Lights” by Passenger on Spotify.
1:41:30PM – Getting frustrated at Photoshop.
1:41:38PM – Using profanity towards Photoshop.
1:42PM – Figured out solution to issue… I’m an idiot.
1:42:15PM – Apologize to Photoshop for calling it a whore.
1:42:19PM – Continuing with “PG Employee Profile” images.
1:45PM – Took a call for an order.
1:55PM – Added order to system.
2:10PM – Printed order.
2:12PM – Showed off order to “real” sales guys.
2:14PM – Creep up on Dennis Jonon.
2:15PM – Placed order into “Incoming” box in art.
2:19PM – Returned to Employee Profile artwork.
2:20PM – Listening to “The Promise” by When In Rome. Judge me. I don’t care.
2:22PM – Realize day is going much faster because I’m documenting it on this.
2:23PM – Get mad at Photoshop again.
2:23:30PM – Cuss at Photoshop some more.
2:24PM – Listening to “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac on Spotify.
2:30PM – Scrapped original Employee bio and started over.
2:33PM – Listening to “Lightning Crashes” by Live on Spotify.
2:40PM – Listening to “Juicy” by Notorious B.I.G.
2:45PM – Get opinions on Employee Bio images.
2:49PM – Listening to “The Unforgiven II” on Spotify.
2:55PM – Refer back to nude chick email.
2:57PM – Listening to “ATLiens” by OutKast on Spotify.
2:58PM – Answering new emails.
3:02PM – Nap…. Just kidding!
3:05PM – Finally decided on a good Employee Bio layout.
3:06PM – Listening to “The Weight” by The Band on Spotify.
3:10PM – Walk downstairs and creep up on Dennis Jonon.
3:12PM – Refer back to nude chick email.
3:14PM – Walk out to my truck for ibuprofen because my back hurts.
3:16PM – Take ibuprofen and complain a little bit.
3:18PM – Use feedback to make tweaks to Employee Bio
3:19PM – Listening to “Hang Me Up To Dry” by Cold War Kids on Spotify.
3:20PM – I’m thirsty! Someone get my a Dr. Pepper… Nobody does it.
3:23PM – Listening to “Buffalo Soldier” by Bob Marley on Spotify.
3:27PM – Listening to “Bulletproof” by La Roux on Spotify.
3:30PM – Showing off updated Employee Bio.
3:33PM – Creep up on Dennis Jonon.
3:36PM – Start on Employee bio for Ben.
3:36PM – Refer back to nude chick email.
3:38PM – Realize I need to poop… It can wait though.
3:53PM – Finish up Ben’s employee bio.
3:55PM – Send Ben his employee bio.
3:58PM – Answer other email.
4:03PM – Play Mad Skills MX.
4:04PM – Cuss at Mad Skills MX.
4:06PM – Listening to “Float On” by Modest Mouse on Spotify.
4:07PM – Working on beginning stages of third employee bio.
4:15PM – Randomly yell “SPARKLE FART!”… Everyone else doesn’t find it as amusing as I did.
4:16PM – Making goat noises… Nobody replies.
4:17PM – Listening to “Bass Cannon” by Flux Pavilion on Spotify.
4:17:01PM – Reminded that I hate Dubstep.
4:17:05PM – Listening to “Head Like A Hole” by Nine Inch Nails on Spotify.
4:22PM – Waiting on images to fill in third employee bio.
4:23PM – Mind is blow by how I’ve kept track of this thing all day.
4:23:03PM – Reminded that nobody will read this.
4:23:09PM – Just felt like saying “balls”.
4:24PM – Walk downstairs and creep up on Dennis Jonon.
4:26PM – Continue work on employee bios.
4:28PM – Got a text: “YouTube, 50Stunt Video Competition”.. Sweet!
4:28:30PM – Mind blown. Look it up.
4:33PM – Various PG website checks.
4:33:30PM – Listening to “I’ve Got Friends” by Manchester Orchestra on Spotify.
4:45PM – I haven’t looked at my phone in hours… Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat check.
4:48PM – Email stuff.
4:52PM – Listening to “Ants Marching” by Dave Matthews Band on Spotify.
4:52:03PM – Remember that Dave Matthews Band pretty much sucks.
4:53PM – Photoshop just pissed me off again.
4:53:15PM – Just kidding. Figured it out.
4:55PM – Finally got the drink I wanted earlier… It’s a Coke though. Good enough.
4:56PM – Added a little on employee bio 3.
5:00PM – 30 minutes to go.
5:01PM – Time to pee again. I blame it on the Coke (cola).
5:03PM – Talking to Sales team about employee bios.
5:04PM – Begin to finish up bio 3.
5:05PM – Bio 3 complete and ready to email.
5:06PM – Refer back to nude chick email.
5:07PM – Bio 3 emailed.
5:08PM – Listening to the Roger Waters with Van Morrison and The Band version of “Comfortably Numb” on Spotify.
5:09PM – Beginning on final employee bio of the day.
5:11PM – Listening to “Gin and Juice” by Snoop Dogg on Spotify.
5:15PM – Haven’t checked KTMTalk or VitalMX all day.. Let’s see what the “experts” are saying…
5:19PM – Added more info to Employee bio 4.
5:20PM – Listening to “Colours” by Grouplove.
5:21PM – Remembering nobody will ever read this garbage.
5:22PM – Thought of the day: “If you’re still reading this… WHY?!”
5:23PM – Where do these stink bugs keep coming from?!
5:24PM – Getting antsy. It’s almost time to go.
5:25PM – Catch up on a few various small end of day items.
5:28PM – Beginning to pack up my laptop, so the frequent updates stop here and I have to do my best to remember.
5:31PM – Clocked out.
5:31:30PM – Walked downstairs. Walked to the PG Powersports side of the shop.
5:32PM – Hung around the shop discussing various business items with Bart and Ben.
6:04PM – Began drive home.
6:11PM – Stuck behind moped driving in the middle of the road.
6:17PM – Arrived home.
6:18PM – Check mail and notice package on front porch containing Big Lebowski cardigan.
6:20PM – Tried on Lebowski cardigan.
6:25PM – Hanging out at home looking at various Instagram/Twitter posts.
6:30PM – Big poop.
6:38PM – Decided to search who offers the movie “Home Alone” on Roku.
6:42PM – Did a little book reading.
7:03PM – Made some awesome chicken nuggets for dinner.
7:20PM – Sat down for dinner and started watching Home Alone.
7:35PM – Cleaned up dirty dishes and made a killer ice cream cone.
7:38PM – Sat back down and continued watching Home Alone.
8:18PM – Opened laptop back up and continued writing this.
8:25PM – Huge fart.
8:27PM – Random urge to try out the fireworks I bought in SC coming back from Mini O’s.
8:31PM – Singed knuckle hair with Roman Candle.
8:35PM – Mike Kidd invited me to connect on LinkedIn.. That’s awesome!
8:37PM – Back to watching Home Alone.
8:44PM – Randomly get up to go wash riding gear. I forgot.
8:46PM – Maybe I’ll be able to finish watching Home Alone before next month.
8:51PM – Snapchat crap.
9:15PM – Finished Home Alone.
9:19PM – Riding gear done washing.
9:21PM – Folding and putting away riding gear.
9:26PM – Begin watching “Charge” about electric motorcycle racing on Netflix.
9:56PM – Completely mind blown by these electric motorcycles.
10:21PM – Pretty much tired and ready to go to sleep. That’s how lame I am.
10:33PM – Turn off TV and head to room.
10:34PM – Crawl in bed and go to sleep.

So there you have it. There’s a true day to day for me… It’s pretty entertaining and awesome, right? NO WAY! I’m boring. So that’s it for this time. Check back again in a long time when I finally decide to update this again. Thanks to the 3 of you that read this!