The majority of the world’s population collects something. I happen to collect helmets. Specifically, I collect Arai helmets. I had always wanted an Arai helmet when I was younger but they’ve always been pretty expensive and it never really worked out. I remember playing with my dad’s old Arai back in the day, so that’s probably where my obsession started. I bought a couple of the old Arai models with removable chins a number of years ago to use working at the GNCCs. We use open-face helmets a lot as they’re just easier when you’re wearing a helmet all day long on a quad, but of course on a bike I still wear my full-face helmets. I bought a couple, then found a few more, then more and before I knew it I was totally obsessed with these old Arai’s, and of course I wanted to continue that into newer models.

Of course, the two-piece Arai’s are becoming harder and harder to find. Most people have ruined them or are hanging onto what they have, then the information on them is pretty much gone from the internet these days since they stopped making them back around 2006 or so. In that case, I figured I would add a page here to not only showcase what I’ve got but also hope that it helps out someone else who loves these helmets as much as I do.

Below you will find most of my collection in chronological order of how I’ve collected them, as well as a little bit of info on each one. There’s also a few in there that I’ve since sold, and I’m not good at keeping this updated, so I’ve ultimately added more than what you see here. I’m not necessarily in the market of selling any of these, but everything has it’s price and I could be persuaded if you’re really, really interested. Give me a shout at if you ever wanted to make an offer, or if you have something on my wanted list for a good price. Enjoy!


1988 Arai MX Pro – Pink/Silver


img_0458 img_0459 img_0460 img_0462

This was the one that started this entire obsession. When I started working at the GNCCs in 2010, I ended up getting an open face street helmet. I wore it for several years before it got to be in really bad shape and I tried a different one for a while. Eventually I realized that it’s hard to find really nice off-road open face helmets these days without spending a bunch of money on a trials helmet. I had always wanted an Arai helmet because I remember the one my dad had when I was growing up. I decided to browse eBay for an older one, found this one, got it cheap and the hunt has been on ever since!

2003 Arai MXC Pro – Storm Silver


After wearing the MX Pro at the end of the 2015 GNCC season, I made it my winter mission to find a couple more. I didn’t want to ruin a really nice helmet from the late 80s, so I started looking for some later model MXC Pros. My buddy Tom Leacu from FAHQ Racing hooked me up with this Storm Silver Arai MXC Pro. I gave it to someone to be painted in January of 2016 and haven’t seen it since. I heard back from the guy about a year later saying he’d get it back to me, but that’s now been a few years and I haven’t seen it since. Hopefully I get this back because Tom really did me a great favor by just GIVING it to me and I want to put it to good use. Maybe he’ll read this and find me again!

2010 Arai VX Pro 3 – Orange Akira Narita Replica


This was my first VX Pro 3 and I was super pumped when I got it because I had wanted one of these for a long time. I tried my hand at painting an ISDE replica helmet on it and have regretted it ever since because I really butchered it and this was a cool helmet. Oh well!

1999 Arai MXC Pro – Black/Yellow Scott Summers Replica

img_0477 img_0463 img_0464 img_0465 img_0466

I was extremely excited to get this one. Obviously being the GNCC nut I am, I was pretty pumped to end up with this Scott Summers replica. I still am on the hunt for the red/white/blue version of this same helmet but this one is amazing. I kicked off the 2016 GNCC season with this one and I even made it on the Vital MX photo gallery wearing it!

2013 Arai VX Pro 3 – Resolution Yellow


This was another eBay score for way too good of a price to pass up. I even designed a little wrap for it. Unfortunately, I believe someone had mistaken what size shell it was and it never fit me right. I ended up selling it to a gentleman that races GNCC and I’ve seen it on the track several times, so it obviously fits him great and I’m glad it found a good home!

2008 Arai VX Pro 3 – Barbed Wire Silver

img_0475 img_0471 img_0472 img_0473 img_0474

I ended up getting this one for a great price from my buddy Jacob Beck who was working with the RacerTV crew at the GNCCs. I threw out the idea of selling it and someone bit for a price that almost doubled my money on it, so I ended up selling it. However, I’ve had a great deal of seller’s remorse on this one and kind of wish I had it back. Of course, I still have faith that one day I’ll find another… Someday!

2000 Arai MX III – Japanese Model

img_0476 img_0467 img_0468 img_0469 img_0470

This is easily my favorite paint job of the entire collection. I scored this one from a Japanese auction site and got it shipped all the way here from Japan. It’s the same as the American MXC Pro model, but in Japan and Europe, they called this the MX III. To my knowledge, this amazing paint job was only ever available in Japan and it still looks so cool and modern that it’s hard to believe that it’s from the early 2000s!

Spanish Special
1997 Arai MX III – Orange Shayne King Replica


This one came to me by way of Spain. This is a replica of World Motocross Champ, Shayne King and it’s a pretty cool paint job. When I first got it, I was a little iffy on the fit but the more I’ve worn it, I’ve really grown pretty fond of this one. The photos make it look way better of shape than it’s really in, so it’s been my go-to when I’m afraid of scratching up the paint job on one of my others.

2003 Arai MXC Pro – Storm Orange


I found this one doing a little “search all of Craigslist” deal and it came to me from Florida. Haven’t had the chance to wear it yet but it’s in pretty great shape!

2014 Arai XD4 – Silver


This was way too good of a deal to pass up. Got the helmet itself for $25 on eBay. It needed a new shield, visor screws and some vent covers. My total investment is around $75 for a $550+ helmet. Haven’t tried it out just yet either but it never hurts to have a nice dual sport helmet around!

Early 1990s US ISDE Team Helmet


I love this. It’s exactly what you see. Not sure of an exact year but it has a M90 SNELL rating so it’s between 1990 and 1995. If I was going to guess, it’s from the 1994 ISDE in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Just a random guess! No clue as to who wore it or exactly win but I do know that I got in a bidding war on eBay for it. A week later I found out that I was bidding against my own girlfriend who was trying to get it for me as gift. DOH!!

2003 Arai MX III – Silver


Here’s another that came all the way from Japan. I ended up painting this one like a late 90s ISDE helmet.

2010 Arai VX Pro 3

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 1.35.28 PM

I tried my hand at doing my first “real” paint job on a helmet. This is actually that Akira Narita replica from earlier on the page and I really should’ve been more patient with it but it still made for a cool US ISDE Team replica!

2009 Arai VX Pro 3

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 1.34.27 PM

I always wanted this one when they were brand new and I finally got one! No good story behind this one. I saw it, I wanted it, I bought it.



Current wants:
Arai MXC Pro – Barbed Wire Orange or Silver
Arai MXC Pro – Scott Summers Replica – Red/White/Blue

If you have one of those to sell, drop me a line at!