Nike said it best. “Just Do It”

Finishing an old project is pretty cool. Too bad the same can't be said for the way I look in this photo. What a goober.

When I was in high school I took a couple of shop classes. One of which was an off campus class. I think that’s where I made a cool KTM logo on a band saw. Well, I mean, I started on a cool KTM logo. I never did finish it. What I had completed was the basic outline of the logo but I never did go back and cut out the inside of it. The chunk of wood sat on a shelf in my room for a few years then I took the initative to pick it up and finish it. Once it was completed I went back over it was some nice silver spray paint and topped it off with a nice black outline, hand drawn with a Sharpie I might add. Ok, so maybe it doesn’t look REALLY good but I figure it looks okay for something that it took me a few years to finish.

This same type of concept can transfer over for racing. What do I mean? Well, think of the races you want to do. Everyone has those races they look at and think “Hey, I really want to try that!”. Now, how many of you have followed through on those wants? Chances are a lot of you are missing out. What’s holding you back? Money? Time? Nagging wife/girlfriend? All of the above? Well, just do it. Obviously it’s something you really want to do, so make it happen.

Now, I’m not really talking about the races like Erzberg or something where you look at it and think, I’d like to try that. I’m talking about races that you could easily make happen. Maybe some of you are serious about racing something like Erzberg or Romaniacs, if that’s your cup of tea then, more power to you!

I’ll say it again, just do it. How about the 24 Hour Challenge? For those who haven’t done it yet and want to, get your buddies together and make it happen. If they’re wussies and you’re serious about it, find new friends or Ironman it. Baja 1000 is a perfect example. Surely theres plenty of you that have always wanted to do Baja. Same concept. Get some of your buddies together and plan it out. It may take a couple of years for some of you but make it happen.

For the guys who don’t get to race many GNCC’s, there’s probably a lot of you that have Snowshoe, Unadilla or maybe The Ironman on your list. Well, plan it out, save your money and live a dream. How about endurocross? Last year I had the opportunity to attend the South Carolina round of Endurocross. That was one of the top 5¬†coolest races I’ve ever been to. If you want to try it, don’t waste anymore time. Start planning it out and make it happen.

Life is too short to sit around worrying about this and that, complaining about that and this, and making excuses as to why you can’t do something you want to do. We only get one shot at this crazy thing called life, and if you can take the opportunity to live you dream, then take it. Don’t wait any longer.