When the Snowshoe GNCC ended shortly after 5pm on Sunday June 27th, so did the first part of the 2010 GNCC tour. Basically you’ve got an 11 week break (that’s 77 days) between Snowshoe and Unadilla. Some of you may be asking yourself, what can I do? Well, if you think back to the beginning of the season, I offered up some ideas to keep you entertained between the Florida and Georgia rounds. Fast forward a few months and I’ve got new and exciting ideas for you to try out.
Keep racing:  Go check out your local or regional series. In the southeast NCHSA, Mid-East, SORCS, VXCS, and VCHSS all will be having races spread out throughout the summer break. In fact, there’s a pretty good NCHSA this coming weekend (July 11th) in South Carolina. If you want to check that out, then come on out. Up north AWRCS, CRA, NETRA, MOVHS, and Extreme Dirt Series are all racing through the summer. There may be more series’ I left out but you gotta remember, I’m from North Carolina. Nationally there will be 2 National Enduro rounds, a few OMA races, and some WORCS races out west. You can always find some motocross stuff to get into as well. Loretta’s is in August for you crossover guys that managed to qualify!

Just ride: Go out and find some places to just go play ride. Go somewhere new and exciting… or just stay home. Your choice.

Get wet: Go to the beach. That’s pretty self explanatory. Go to a lake and do some sweet water sports. Wakeboarding is always a popular choice. If you can’t quite hang on a wakeboard, then tubing may be the choice for you. Tubing can get pretty extreme at times.

Start a collection: If you get really bored you can start collecting rocks or something. Stamps are a good choice as well. I understand that quilting is pretty popular. Wait a minute… you’re interested in dirt scooters, don’t do that crap!

Study up: Do you know the background on our sport? Take some time to study up on the background of how it all got started. Several years ago I wrote a wikipedia article on the GNCC series. I put a lot of research into it and the info contained within is pretty good. However, some of the ATV and dumber bike riders have come in and rearranged some of it. It’s kind of a mess now and could use a little work but the good info is still there.

Train: Take the time to either keep yourself in shape, or whip yourself back in shape. Don’t let the down time over the summer kill your endurance. If you don’t already do some mountain biking, get into it. You will definitely enjoy it.

Mullet hunt: I’ve got a free Vision Moto DVD for whoever sends me the best mullet before Unadilla!

Create something: Go create something unique, or not so unique. Woodworking can be cool if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, then it’s stupid. Making a rap video is fun… even if some people think it’s weird. Spoof a movie, that’s always hilarious if you do it right.

Spectate: Spectate a round of the Nationals if you can. There’s so much to see and do.

Do nothing: Sit around all summer, eat, get fat and watch videos on OffroadJunkies.com and VisionMoto.webs.com

Use your brain: Come up with your own idea and let us know!

There’s tons of other things you can get yourself into over the summer, and these are just a few quick ideas. Hopefully everyone will have a good time over their summer break and be ready for Unadilla when September rolls around. Until that time, enjoy your summer break and have fun!