No, you’re not in the ATL and I’m not Gladys Knight. I’m starting a new weekly feature for the site. I’m calling it “Chicken and Waffles”. Why? Well, how random is it to mix Chicken with Waffles for an entree? Pretty random. So, therefore you can probably figure out what Chicken and Waffles will be all about.. Nothing in particular, just true random rambling.

I also plan on making it a feature that will cover some of the latest news and gossip in the offroad world from the past week. The basic idea of it is to make it sort of like the Quick Fill on the GNCC site, only not quite as awesome.

So enough of the introduction, let’s dive right into the first edition of Chicken and Waffles.

In the past week I’ve posted a few interviews with some cool people. First up was Charlie Mullins. Charlie has a good lead in the National Enduro Series right now and is sitting second in GNCC points, and still has a shot at the championship there. Check out the interview for more!

Next up was Powersport Grafx founder Bart Hayes. A lot of you probably run graphics from PG. Well, you have Bart to thank for starting that company. Check out the interview to learn a little more about Bart, PG and how it all came about.

The most recent interview was with defending GNCC Champion Paul Whibley. The AxMan has had a bit of a down season compared to the past few years, but we all know he’ll be back on top soon enough. Check it out and see exactly what Paul is all about!

I also posted a cool new highlight video from the first part of 2010, so be sure to check that out as well.

Alright, enough of the self promotion stuff, let’s get into what’s coming up this weekend.

North Carolina: NCHSA Round 9 – Mountain Challenge: The NCHSA series will return to the Mountain Challenge track for the 2nd time in 2010 this weekend. Last time around back in April, Jesse Robinson took the Overall win in front of fellow XC2 rider Kailub Russell and third place rider Robby Norwood. With the GNCCs on summer break, I would expect to see a couple of the Pro guys out to race for the overall. Want to race? Logon to for info.

Georgia: SORCS – Holland Main Farm: The SORCS series will be at it again in Holland Georgia for the Holland Main Farm race. Ready to give it a try? Check out for info.

Pennsylvania: CRA – LL Raceway: The CRA series visits the LL Raceway this weekend for their latest hare scramble. Hit up for all the details

Ohio: Extreme Dirt Series – Thunder in the Hills: The Extreme Dirt Series will be racing this weekend in Ohio for Round 10 of their 2010 series. Check out for more info.

There’s probably more out there that I’m forgetting, so if you’re looking for a race this weekend, be sure to get out there. Also, the X-Games will be kicking off next Thursday, and chances are some of you will forget before they get here.  Also, Loretta Lynn’s is coming! So the next few weeks will be kinda sorta stacked. Not exactly in the offroad scene, but in the moto scene as a whole.

What else is going in the moto world? Well, Performance Supercycle in Tennessee has a cool contest going on. Basically, make a purchase from their online store at and you’ll be entered to have chance to be a Racer for a Day. You will get to ride a fully prepped KTM 350SXF, a set of gear and more. Definitely something cool to check out, so make sure to get your chance!

Chris Bach made a post on KTMTalk this week, and his bikes will be for sale soon. Here’s the post…
Hey Guys, just wanted to drop a note on here that my 450’s will be for sale starting almost immediately. Currently have 3 that need to be sold fairly quickly. 2 complete race bikes, with motors, suspension, bars, exhausts, clutch baskets, brembo (NOT MAGURA) hydro clutches, all the goodies. Also have a practice bike that is 100% stock, brand new OEM stuff. Drop me an email if interested. Reasonably cheap, need to sell them.


So there’s an opportunity to get a great bike for what sounds like will be a great price. If you’re in the market for a used 450, this would be the route to go.

Now, you may be asking yourself, what does the Offroad Junkies crew do during the week? Well, other than work at our real jobs, we’ve been getting together with some of our other buddies each Thursday night and riding at Zoo City Motocross in Asheboro, NC. It’s a pretty fun track and they have it lit pretty well. If you want to come out one Thursday, it’s open practice, and since we’re there, yes there are other woods riders there. Come on out and hang with us.

Well, since I don’t have a ton of info I can give away this week, it’s time to wrap up the first ever edition of Chicken and Waffles. Until next week, ride safe, have fun and don’t goon it out unless you mean to.