I made a trip back to Camp Walter Johnson, site of the NCHSA FTI River Race, and walked about 75% of the track to throw together this little feature for everyone to check out.

It’s definitely shaping up to be an awesome weekend and the track will be great as well. Hopefully it will rain a little bit before race day to cut down some of the dust but all in all it will be a good time no matter what.

Basically what I’ve done is take a few iPhone pictures of some interesting sections of the track and the camp itself. Racer X was doing a similar feature before the National Motocross events this year, so I kind of stole the idea from there.

Anyway, check out some of the shots and hope all you NCHSA racers enjoy your weekend at Camp Walter Johnson, The FTI River Race.

Downtown Denton, NC


Welcome to Camp Walter Johnson
View of the parking are from the road
Parking area for the race. This is from the starting line facing back towards the road.


This shot is from the middle of the camp.


Shot of High Rock Lake, just a few feet off the track.
Starting line


View from the first turn. From here it snakes it's way around the haybales and around the tree, then into the woods.


Entrance into the woods from the start


Notice the chunk taken out of the tree, I did that a couple of weeks ago... Make sure not to do that because it didn't feel so great.


This is a section where you may be tempted to make some hotlines, but make note of the decent size rocks... Probably not a good hotline choice.


The trail widens for a brief moment here.. If you can make a pass here, go for it, but do it quick because it makes a hard left before you know it.


A little further down the trail the big bikes will branch off to go through a small section featuring this little gulley. Nothing major but if someone makes a mistake you could have a good passing opportunity.


Here's a cool little section where it gets a little snug.. Pretty fun!


This is one of my personal favorites.. It's a short downhill with some exposed rocks. Reminds me of a tamed down section of the Snowshoe GNCC.


As the track continues, another section where the big bikes will branch off goes across these piles of rocks. Don't worry though, it's nothing like Erzberg!


After the rocks piles the track will work it's way back through the woods to this cool off-camber section.


Another fun part is this small drop off into a hard left.


After that hard left the trail works it's way up this small hill which is a blast!


Here's another section of some short single track.


Further down the big bike trail you will run into some more off camber sections next to High Rock Lake, which you can see on the right. Don't worry, there's easy ways around the harder off camber sections but those will be longer!


Here's the last off camber section, and believe me, it's a bit steeper than it looks!


As you make your way back towards scoring the trail will open up a bit before heading back into some single track sections.


Last but not least, you'll pop out on the back side of the parking area to come into scoring, and that's one lap at the FTI River Race.