I originally wrote this as another commentary for Offroad Junkies.

Why? That’s the ultimate question.

Have you ever explained what we do to someone who has no clue what the moto scene is all about? When you explain the challenge, the struggles, the pain, and everything else, have you ever been asked why? Well, what’s your answer?

The overwhelming majority of you will answer “because I love it.” Now think about that and go deeper. Why do you love it? That’s the real question. The challenge? The freedom? The competition? Well, let’s take a moment to dissect what this racing thing is really all about.

The challenge: Most of us enjoy a challenge. It’s just human nature. In any given off-road race you’re challenge yourself against a terrain that is constantly changing. If it’s something technical the challenge is that much greater. Rocks, mud, hills, logs and everything else, it’s all part of the challenge. Sometimes you have that moment where you question if this is possible to ride over, and when you tackle it, your confidence level soars.

The competition: When you line up for a race and look down your row at the rest of your class, you see all these other riders who are hoping for that same thing you want, the win. This also goes back to the challenge. Not only do you have a challenge from the terrain but also from the competition. The need, the want to win is yet again human nature.

The freedom: For some of us, riding and racing gives a feeling of freedom. It makes us forget all the little issues of the world and just have fun out in nature. It’s also a great opportunity to take in some great sights!

The fun: It’s tough to explain, but you know what I’m talking about. There’s just something about taming that machine that is fun. Maybe you have your own version of what makes it fun!

The race itself: What can be more fun┬áthan combining all the factors and challenging yourself against the competition, the terrain, and yourself. When you’re out there for hours at a time trying to stay ahead of the next guy or catch the guy in front of you, you forget about everything and for that period of time, you’re in your own little world.

Yes, there are a ton of reasons why. Maybe you have your own reason that you hold close to your heart, or maybe you still can’t decide exactly what it is that makes this all worth while to you.

No matter what, you know that even with the soreness, the occasional pain, the financial factors and everything else that makes it tough, you can’t replace the feeling that you get when you’re on that bike.

So I challenge you, next time you’re riding, take the time to think and realize exactly what it’s all about for you. Believe me, when you know, it makes the ride that much more fun.