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Shane Watts is a name that is forever known as a legend in the offroad racing world. Wattsy has done it all from winning the 2000 GNCC champion making him the first ever non-American champ in the series, to winning the ISDE Overall on a 125, to earning a top 100 AMA Motocross number.

These days Shane teaches his popular Dirt Wise Academy of Offroad Riding Schools all across the country, and additionally has put out a few instructional DVD’s over the past couple of years.

 The very first Dirt Wise with Shane Watts DVD was released in late 2006 and covered the basics then transitioned into various advanced techniques. Basically it was his Dirt Wise class in a nutshell condensed into a DVD.

Wattsy then had the great idea to start a series of advanced DVD’s. The first one was released last year and covered several advanced riding techniques and broke everything down pretty well to give even more tips. From there, Wattsy began work on the second of the advanced DVD’s but some of you will remember he suffered a pretty serious back injury late last year. This put a halt on a lot of the work on the DVD.

Well, when Shane healed it was back to work on the DVD and it was finally released just a couple of weeks ago. As expected, the tips, instructions and advice contained in the DVD are very valuable and can definitely improve your skill and speed as a rider.

Now, I’m not the fastest rider out there but I do feel like I’m lucky enough to be a fairly good rider. I say that because I hardly ever feel overly challenged by the track in a typical race, and there’s a difference between being fast and being good. I know some of you are thinking, “what? He hardly races!”. Well keep in mind that up until this year I had been racing pretty frequently. Now that I’m done tooting my own horn, let’s get on with the review.

Given what I just said, I began watching this DVD with the attitude that I would learn a little bit but overall would probably just be hearing some of the same stuff I’ve heard before. Well, I was only half way correct. There were a few things in the DVD that I already do but there was also a lot that I learned.

Wattsy does a great job of breaking things down so that it’s really easy to go out and try them out yourself. The DVD goes into a good bit of detail about braking and acceleration. There’s a lot about the proper time and way to get on the brakes heading into a corner, as well as when and where you should be accelerating. If you pay attention and do what is stated, I definitely think it will make a difference in your riding.

There were also a couple of interesting techniques demonstrated which consisted of the Scandinavian Flick and the impromptu named Wattsy Wiggle. Both of which were excellent techniques that you’ve likely seen done before, but simply overlooked. Well, if you’ve overlooked them before, then you definitely want to give these a try now.

Wattsy also discussed his “3 S’s” which were Safety, Saving Energy and Speed. All of which I believe you can increase you skills on if you use the techniques and tips contained within the DVD.

The DVD was shot and edited by Jason Hooper, who also edits RacerTV, runs our rival.. err uhh, other offroad site, Digital Offroad and got me my RacerTV gig. Hoop did a great job on his end as all the footage flows really well throughout the DVD. Additionally, the riding clips themselves keep you fairly well entertained while you’re learning from what Wattsy is saying.

Overall I’d say that pretty much anyone can benefit from the material contained in this DVD.  I give it the same rated as Moto 2, coming in at 4.5 out of 5 stars. I rated it as high as Moto 2 for the fact that there’s a lot of great information in the DVD, paired with some good riding clips.

If you’re interested in a copy, head on over to www.shanewatts.com for all the details!