I originally posted this on Offroad Junkies.

Kickstart 2 is the latest DVD from Transworld Motocross. Unlike Moto 2, which I reviewed back in October, Kickstart 2 is full on motocross and some freestyle. There’s not really anything in the way of racing either, as most of the film features riders practicing at their private tracks.

This DVD focuses on the “Past, Present and Future” of Motocross and as you can imagine, it highlights quite a range of riders. The footage contained within the film is actually really good stuff, yet some of the shots were a bit off. There were a lot of heads cut out for a second, and a couple of slow motion shots where you saw a bike and half of a rider floating in mid-air for a second before fully reappearing in the frame. 

Additionally there were a few times where a rider would partially disappear out of the shot and then full reappear before the shot ended.

The editing as a whole was pretty good, yet if you pay close attention you can spot a few small things that a lot of people would’ve done different. Some of the effects were pretty cool, yet there seemed to be a lot of the same over and over, and it also seemed as if every segment ended with the same type of fade out. Other than that, the flow of the film was pretty good and the soundtrack was pretty good as well.

There were also a few segments of Freestyle. Now, I’m sure there’s plenty of you who don’t exactly enjoy Freestyle too much, but you’ve got to at least respect these guys as riders. I can’t even imagine doing what they do. Unfortunately the Freestyle footage leaves a lot to be desired as there’s a lot of the same tricks. There was one quote I found to be funny during the segment with Jeremy ‘Twitch’ Stenberg where he was talking about when he first started riding Freestyle he had a jersey with sparkles that he thought was cool and then said “I guess that was the start of freestyle. It was gay in the beginning, but now it’s cool.”

One part of the film that is pretty hard to watch is the crash that Josh Hill suffered while training for X Games Speed and Style. For those who didn’t know, he broke his femur while practicing backflips. The footage was kept under wraps until this DVD, and wow, it’s definitely hard to watch. It made me cringe and I’ve seen (and had) a lot of janky crashes.

The segments with what they refer to as ‘the past’ (though it was never stated) were really cool. The footage with Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael and the always entertaining Kevin Windham is definitely some great entertainment as it never gets old seeing those guys ride. Additionally, seeing the ‘present’ of the sport in the form of Chad Reed, Ryan Villopoto, and Josh Hill is still entertaining, as is the ‘future’ with Dean Wilson and Adam Cianciarulo.

Another downside for those of you with kids is that they didn’t edit out any profanity. Of course it doesn’t bother some of you, but for others than can be a bit of a let down when expecting to watch a movie with your kids.

While I did find a few things about the film that weren’t exactly desirable, overall it was a pretty good flick and I’ll definitely watch it again. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. While it might not contain any off-road action, it’s still great to see those moto guys railing it, and isn’t that what we all like to see in dirt bike videos to begin with?