301570_10200738154366289_794535463_nAlright kiddos, back once again! I left this adventure off a couple of weeks ago when I first arrived at River Ranch. Since then I’ve had little or no internet service and even less time to sit down and write a bunch of random junk about what I’ve been doing. Well, now it’s the Monday night after The General GNCC and I’ve got a little time to kill this week, so let’s catch up.

The Wednesday before the River Ranch GNCC we got to work marking the course and putting the final touches on everything. This actually ended up taking quite a bit of time because there was a lot of string and Moose tape that went out onto the course because of the sections of woods that had been cut for timber. Luckily none of it was full blown clear cut but it was still enough to make things challenging.

That’s pretty much how Thursday and Friday went as well. Lots of course marking, clearing some trails and stuff like that. Saturday rolled around and it was time for the quad practice and at the same time I was also beginning to learn about a lot of the new GNCC Live Webcast stuff at the same time. I rode around the practice course and helped make sure everyone was making it around and swept after the sessions ended.

When the big quads ended, I decided to take the bike out for the final sweep to make it around easier. The trails were pretty whooped out so I thought it was just be easier to do it on the bike. I was kind of wrong there because the whoops were still tough to ride and riding a bike in quad ruts (or vice versa!) is pretty tough as well.

Once I got back around and the course was clear, Barry Hawk asked me to go ride a bike-only section to see what I thought. It had some HUGE palmettos in it and I thought it was an absolute blast. Apparently others struggled with it during the actual race and didn’t think it was as much fun as I did. 544568_10200738152166234_1224806424_n

Sunday’s quad race went about like normal as I spent some time working the race towing people, making sure everything on the track is fine, etc. Then for the afternoon race, the GNCC Live Webcast would make it’s 2013 debut. I had a couple of spots side-by-side that I was alternating between and shooting which worked out pretty well. Obviously the first day of the webcast was a big learning experience and ended up being pretty stressful for everyone involved but we pulled it off!

Monday and Tuesday for the bikes basically went exactly the same as the quad stuff did with me doing some sweep laps for the practices and working  the race day. Of course, the morning race would see a whole new face as the Women’s class took to the line for the first time in 2013 and it was the most stacked it’s ever been. Not only were the regular contenders there but also some WMX riders made their way to GNCC Racing since the WMX Series is only 3 rounds in 2013.

Jessica Patterson ended up with the class win and also the overall win in the morning race. She was definitely on the gas all day and even edged out Vance Earl for the win, which is no easy task! Anyway, when it came time to do the GNCC Live Webcast, I had the same task as before and this time everything went a good bit smoother. That was kind of the point where I realized that the whole deal was only going to get easier with time and it has HUGE potential.

Wednesday we spent cleaning all the arrows and tape out of the trails before loading up and heading straight to Georgia. I ended up making it to the hotel right around 1:30am and the rest of the guys weren’t far behind me. After that we were up and at the track at 8am on Thursday to start making the course and get everything set up once again.

Friday was basically the same deal except since most of the pit area stuff was taken care of, we had a couple more hands working in the woods so I was able to make the time to do a helmet cam lap to be used with the GNCC Live Webcast. So make sure you check out the replay at http://www.racertv.com

Once again the race days ended up going about like normal with me doing the normal patrolling of the track, towing and whatever else it is that I do. When it came to the live webcast, I ended up with a super cool spot in a lift shooting the finish line region from the air. That was a pretty cool experience for me because I’ve always wanted to do something like that and it finally happened. After the quads finished, I went over the moto track to change the track over for the morning bikes to bypass the moto track. That’s when I found my latest prized possession….


I left him out there to block the track for the rest of the weekend but I went back and picked him up Monday morning. He’s officially coming home with me and his new name is Chester… (there’s a Chester’s Fried Chicken in the Love’s at the exit off I-20 for The General)

Photo by Josh Chastain – http://www.88fotos.com

Anyway, the morning bike race saw a pretty stacked field of Women’s riders again which also proved to be the best race on the track as I rode around and tweeted some updates about it when I could. Ashley Copeland, Kacy Martinez and Jessica Patterson all rode a pretty solid race early on but Maria Forsberg but in a charge to chase them all down and end up taking the win ahead of Kacy and JP Money. I know, I know, you’re all saying, damn Bolt-On, what is it with you and the Women’s class? But hey, if you ever really paid attention, you’d see that those girls all battle each other so hard and put on one of the best races on the track. It was so good, that I had to give my buddy Maria Forsberg a congratulations after it was over, and it’s not very often I congratulate people.

The GNCC Live Webcast of the 1pm race on Sunday went absolutely awesome. I can’t tell you how pumped I was on how everything turned out. Behind the scenes it went way smoother than the previous ones did and I really feel like we put what we learned before to work and made huge improvements. I can’t wait to see what we can do with it at Steele Creek.

Once the action was over, I headed out and started pulling arrows, which is pretty much exactly the same thing I did all day on Monday as well before heading back into the hotel in Thomson, Ga where we’re calling home this week before filming the ATV Motocross event for RacerTV, back at Aonia Pass this weekend (oh and I’m heading to do some racing on Sunday too)

So that catches me up, and if you’ve read this entire thing then I’m pretty sure you’re bored out of your mind because I pretty much just explained how lame and uninteresting I really am. So we’ll cut it here. Until next time, don’t take candy from strangers… Unless it’s in the back of a van.