I sincerely hope there’s a lot of you reading this who remembers the “TEAM FAHQ WINS!” moment from the 1990 Blackwater 100 video when Tommy Norton came away with the overall win aboard a frickin 125, when a lot of people had no clue who the dude was. See, back then, there wasn’t this fancy thing called the internet where everybody knew about every Joe Blow that was fast on a dirtbike. Some of you may find that hard to believe, but it’s the truth. Back then you wouldn’t have an iPhone  with Twitter to bitch about all your little problems, Candy Crush to play and random chicks Shapchatting you nude pictures.

No, there was none of that. What there was, was a bunch of tough SOBs who rode dirtbikes and a lot of them came from the days with 4 inches of travel in their suspension and no such thing as handguards (you could tell the woods riders back before the days of handguards, they all had broken knuckles). Oh, and that hillclimb that’s too tough? That rock section that’s too rocky? That single track that’s too tight? That mudhole that’s too deep? They raced through it all anyway… And they liked it.

Who embraced this lifestyle? Well that was Jerry Bernardo when formed this group of misfits known as FahQ. They would go from place to place doing what they do best… What was that you ask? Well, riding dirtbikes and raising a whole lot of hell at the same time. You think you’re hardcore because you show up to races on mommy and daddy’s dime, and think that you and your “crew” are terrorizing the scene as you stroll around the pits in your skinny jeans and tank tops? Well, better get back to your Lego’s because you’re nothing.

Now, if you want to make yourself feel a little bit cooler, you can do so. The FahQ guys have a limited run of shirts available, but when they’re gone, they’re gone. Email Tom at tleacu@yahoo.com to learn how you can make yourself suck a little less.