This year’s Zoo City GP was without a doubt the best track layout we’ve ever had for the event. I didn’t hear any complaints about the course, and I’m really glad everyone enjoyed themselves. I’m pretty disappointed with the turnout though. I know the cold weather early in the morning had a lot to do with that, as well as the NCHSA event that was to be held the next day at Flat Rock. However, it’s still a bummer to have so many people get so excited, have so many people talk about how much they want to see a GP race in the southeast, and then have such a low turnout.

I’m not a fan of cold weather either, but once the sun made it’s way a little higher into the sky, it was actually pretty comfortable outside. One thing that racers need to learn is that if you want to try a certain style of racing, you need to come support it when someone is doing it. I’m not trying to knock anyone or anything like that because I’m super grateful for everyone who even wanted to come.

With that said, I owe a huge thank you to quite a few people. First, big thanks to all the racers who came and everyone who bought raffle tickets to benefit the Kurt Caselli Foundation. Between the tickets and a generous donation from Bart Hayes of RidePG, we raised $925 for the Kurt Caselli Foundation. Huge thanks to Kayla Olliver to making the ticket sales and prize distribution run smoothly.

I have to give a big thanks to my dad Tim Bolton, Buren Hamrick, Keith Bennett and Mike LaFollette for their help out in the woods. My dad took a couple of days off work to come help me get everything set up, Buren came out and helped Friday and Saturday, and Keith was a big help in the woods on race day. Mike came and ran a dozer through the woods on Wednesday and made some of the trails 10x better. So big thanks to all of these guys for their help.

Thanks to Bart Hayes of Powersport Grafx for coming out and doing all the starts. Bart got everyone off the line smoothly and did an excellent job of keeping all the motos running on time and starting back-to-back like they should.

Huge, massive thanks go out to Barry and Krista Maness with Zoo City Motorsports Park and their crew. Without them, this event would never be possible.

Thanks to Chad, Crystal and Hunter Williams for helping pump up the event some locally and for being the high bidders on the Kurt Caselli replica gear.

And of course, big thanks to all the race sponsors and the folks with these companies who made it happen…

logo_ktmChristy LaCurrelle

logo_thorJames Zomerdyke

logo_acerbisAdam Quarles

logo_flyDale Spangler

logo_pgBart Hayes/Ben Weathers


logo_fullgasJason Hooper

racer-xDavey Coombs

logo_dirtwiseShane Watts


Rob Faria