For those who may not know who I am, my name is Jared Bolton and I like dirt bikes. That simple introduction sums up a lot, but I’ll have to dive a little further for you to fully understand. My life essentially revolves around the motorcycle industry. For over ten years now I’ve worked for Racer Productions and MX Sports, starting out part-time shooting for RacerTV at the GNCC events. Eventually I spoke up and said “hey, I’ve helped put on some local races!” and before I knew it, I was working on the track crew as well which would eventually lead me to move to Morgantown, West Virginia to do this full-time!

These days I work with a great crew to put together some great racecourses for the world’s premier off-road racing series, and I get to go out and ride those courses all weekend long… Whether I want to or not. Of course, in addition to this I also work with our sister company, MX Sports as somewhat of a “Track Operations Specialist” at motocross events. I’ll do everything from towing broken down bikes off the track, coaching flaggers, managing the infield staff, or can be found working as the referee or in the tower serving as Race Director!

With this, I attend all 13 rounds of GNCC Racing each season, several rounds of Pro Motocross, Loretta Lynn’s, ATVMX events, local motocross events at High Point Raceway and more! It’s something different all the time, and the travel and adventures I get to have continue to excite me year, after year, after year. Of course, working at the races isn’t the only thing I do. I get out and do some racing of my own from time to time and I’ve re-done this site with the hopes of attracting the attention of folks who would like to read about those experiences and more.

I grew up in North Carolina and like many folks in the motorcycle industry these days, I got interested in the sport because my dad was a racer. I spent a number of years racing Hare Scrambles, Enduros and a little bit of motocross in the southeast but as I got older and needed to pay for racing myself, I realized I wasn’t ever going to make it as a pro rider… Ok, let’s be honest, I sucked. Around 2006, I picked up my parents’ little digital camera and ended up shooting a little video of the Pro race at the Yadkin Valley Stomp GNCC. I thought that was fun, so I ended up getting into shooting and editing video, plus a bit of photography.

My friend, Derrick Campbell, was a local motocrosser back then who had similar interests. He and I got together and started a little media company we called “Vision Moto”. This was in the early days of YouTube and shooting videos of local off-road races was extremely rare. I’m not saying we were pioneers or anything like that, because those videos sucked, but we were doing some cool stuff that wasn’t common back then! Eventually Derrick went off to college and I did the Vision Moto stuff on my own for a bit, which is around the same time I started this website. In 2010, I got asked to shoot for RacerTV at the GNCC events and jumped on the opportunity. Back then, there was no live show there were only about four of us shooting the races!

I did that through 2011 and that’s when I mentioned I’d like to help out with the racecourses. I started doing that in 2012 and worked the 2012-2015 seasons putting up arrows, blocking trail, towing riders, riding sweep and more. In 2013, Bart Hayes from RidePG offered me a job handling social media, marketing and more at PG as well as doing some graphic design work. I did that while also working at the GNCC events in 2013 and most of 2014. I met my now wife, Kayla, when she was hired to manage all of Racer Productions websites and ended up moving to Morgantown in late 2014 and eventually started working for Racer full-time!

At the end of 2015, Barry Hawk moved on to manage the Coastal Racing team, and Racer Productions hired Ryan Echols. Ryan and I filled the Junior Trail Boss position together and have been doing it ever since. I also took over as the primary sweep rider in late 2017, so I’ve been getting a ton of seat time the last few years! That’s basically my life story, and if you’ve read this far, congratulations. I hope I haven’t bored you to death.

This site was originally created to highlight those old videos and photos but as time wore on I began to shoot less and less video as I found out I had a real passion and knack for working at the races. I’ve played around with some cameras here and there but it’s been since around 2013 that I’ve really been serious about video. I was never great at it to begin with, then I saw what other guys were doing and I realized I sucked even more than I thought! Ha, I’ve now mentioned that I suck at things like 10 times already. My self-confidence is through the roof!

From 2012-2016 I also promoted the Zoo City GP in Asheboro, North Carolina. This site served as the primary info hub for that event but the sale of the track in 2017 left me shelving my GP event. Maybe one day I’ll do another one, people really enjoyed it! Around that same time I started doing a lot of dual sport riding and revamped this site to be an info source for my dual sport adventures, and I had began looking into what it would take to lead some interested dual sport rides in the West Virginia area. Alas, I lost the Sherco dual sport deal I had and my little DRZ250 isn’t such a great bike for the long adventures I had planned. I’ve since picked up a 2010 Husaberg FE390 and want to do some more dual sporting.

That brings us to 2020! I’ve revamped this site once again because, well, I just want to share some things that aren’t easy to find on the Internet. I want to do some product and bike reviews from an Average Joe’s perspective and maybe I’ll even bring back some of my stories from the road that I shared a few times here.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of these adventures, contact me at bolton@gnccracing.com and let’s work something out. Otherwise, enjoy the site and I’m mind boggled you’ve read this much.

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