About Me

One time, I had a bunch of info on this page, but it was really stupid and nobody ever looks at it, so I can pretty much just have this random stuff as my “About” page and nobody will know the difference.

Dudes a goon…

On the other hand, if you really want to know about me…

I’m that Bolt-On guy. I make fancy word sentences about moto stuff, poorly make videos of moto stuff, and generate an aurora of awesomeness around moto stuff.

I don’t know why I posted this photo here. I just thought Thurman Merman from Bad Santa would look cool.

Yeah, that’s straight from my Twitter account. Who cares. It’s not like anybody reads this garbage anyway.

Hey, speaking of that, that also means I can pretty much post whatever I want right here, which is pretty sweet. So I could say something like, “childhood mullets and rattails in today’s society should be considered child abuse and you should be put in jail for subjecting your children to that.”

So that’s it in a nutshell. If you looked at this page, congratulations. You’re obviously bored.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. my name is jeff ponder and my son,zack, races the 65 10 & 11 in the gncc. He rides for offroad vikings/jason raines and xtreme custom & cycles. We would like to thank you and all the people that report on this overlooked sport.you have probally met my son, hes the track whore. Hes usually with the baylors or caleb russell. Thank again dude, keep on goonen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jeff! Pretty sure I’ve seen your boy around before. I think I might have helped Chris Gosselin do some of the design work on a website for him a few years ago? Anyway, definitely appreciate the kind words! Thanks again,

  2. Jared
    If you are ever needing someone to interview JB and Zach Love would be glad to work with you JB is a student at Purdue and Zach just recently took a job with an excavation. Company. Both boys are true grass roots racers and have worked to pay for all the bikes they have ridden since Zach rode the Iron man on a trr 125 my wife and I pay the travel and incidentals but the boys take care of their own racing. Last year we ran 43 events worked and attended school..
    JB 765-894-7947 love7@purdue.edu
    Zach 765-481-7860 Zach.love200@gmail.com
    Thanks for reading we will see you in North Carolina
    Jim Love

  3. I have been away for dirtbikes about 25 years. I have had 4 wheelers the work type all along. My 1st bike was a 73 xr 75. Then I jumped up to a xr 350. When I got married my wife wanted me to sell the bike, but I told her I would get another one later on. I just didn’t realize it would be 25 years. I trail rode only because it was expensive to race and I didn’t have the money to do it or buy the bikes needed. I was an ok rider and saw a guy do a superman before freestyle came out, he wrecked by the way and wasn’t trying to do the superman, it hadn’t been named at the time. I’m a teacher and my side jobs have been running a stables and training Tennessee Walking horses. I bought a 99xr400r a year ago and it is amazing how bikes have changed. I also picked up a 08 suzuki rmz 450 It has the power. I just was looking online and came across this site. I live in Gold Hill which is west of Asheboro about 30 min. Just wondering about groups that go trail riding my age ,older or younger. I’m 47 and like I said just getting back into riding. I missed it. Thanks Kevin Evans 704-213-1427

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