Welcome. Prepare to have your mind blown by the awesomeness because you’re here for some Rambling On With Bolt-On.

This is your most random source for news, features, videos and more from the offroad racing world, and your #1 stop for general goonage. Well, it might not be your best source but I’ve got some ideas brewing to keep you coming back.

Basically my theory is, with so few sites commited to the off-road scene, why not just make one out of my own site? Well that’s exactly what I’ve done. Plus, face it… a site about me only would be lame.

This has also become the official website for the Vision Moto videos. Vision Moto is how I got started in the media world and while the Vision Moto name may only consist of videos now, I’m still pumped on what little bit of success it’s had.

Here you will not only find news and more, you’ll also get some commentary on the current happenings in our sport, insider info (maybe) and all sorts of craziness. Want even more offroad coverage? Be sure to check out www.digitaloffroad.com when you’re done here, because that’s where the good stuff is.

Now onto me. Who am I? What do I do? Why should you care? Well, let’s jump right in. My name is Jared Bolton and I’m a off-road and motocross racer from North Carolina. I race a little of everything and goon it up everywhere I go.

Actually, over the past couple of years I’ve become more of a media guy than a racer. However, I’ve become more successful in that aspect of the sport than I have as a racer, so the way I see it is, why mess with success?

I write all sorts of offroad related articles. I started with Offroad Junkies and this site. Now Offroad Junkies has joined forces with Digital Offroad to provide you with an even better offroad news experience. Basically I just write some articles, conduct interviews, write product reviews and generally goon it up. Digital Offroad is dedicated to bringing coverage of the off-road world to the riders, and the content is awesome. I definitely see a bright future ahead of the site and hope to stick with them.

I do some video editing. That’s what got me started in the offroad media scene with my first venture, Vision Moto. I still edit all my videos under the Vision Moto name to keep it alive.

Goonin' and Spoonin'

I shoot video for RacerTV at the GNCCs. It’s a blast hanging out in the woods and seeing the race from multiple angles and also awesome to see my camera work on national TV. In 2011 I have also began assisting with some of the announcing at the races. This is a new venture for me and it’s something I hope to stick with and sharpen my skills on. Working with the GNCC Series is a dream come true for me and I hope that I can stick around and become more involved with the series.

Take a look around the site and be sure to visit some of the sites on the Links page when you’re done. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, want to do any type of interview, sponsorship or just want to shoot the breeze. Want to know more? Check the About Me page. That should help.

Also, if you would like to be interviewed for the site, or write an article or something for the site, feel free to contact me and I’ll hook you up!

Thanks again for visiting my site, hopefully your head does not explode from an awesomeness overload.

Jared Bolton
See, sometimes I actually ride... and occasionally I dont completely goon it out.

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