Legit Racing News Sites

Offroad Junkies – News, Features, Videos, Interviews and More Awesomeness from the off-road racing world. Your mind just may explode from the awesomeness. You’ve been warned. It’s better than crack….. Actually this website is defunct but I wanted to leave the link here bitches.

Digital Offroad – More awesome offroad coverage, because you can never get too much offroad action.

Offroad Viking – It’s Offroad Viking. Watch it.

Vurb Offroad – Vurb. Enough said.

Seat Time – Drinking beer and talking about races… What more could you want?


Rider Sites

Chris Blais – Undoubtedly one of the most well known names in the Dakar scene, Chris is one of only 3 American’s to take a podium finish at the Dakar Rally. 

Keystone Offroad Racing Team – Check out the Keystone Offroad Racing Team. Four of Pennsylvania’s top offroad riders joined together to form this team to make an all out assault on various offroad series’. They’re super cool.

Hunter Williams – Hunter is a super fast cat out of the dirty south (like me minus the fast part). Check him out, the dude rips!


Racing Series

GNCC – America’s Premier Offroad Racing Series. No further introduction needed.

National Enduro – The top Enduro series in America. Another series that needs no further introduction.

Endurocross – Logs, rocks, tires, and more. It’s all there to challenge the riders and make even the top pros cringe.

NCHSA – North Carolina Hare Scramble Association. Providing rider’s with some of North Carolina’s finest trails.

SETRA – Southeastern Enduro and Trail Riders Association. Hare Scramble and Enduro racing for the entire southeast.

SORCS – Southern Off Road Championship Series. Some of the best racing in Georgia and Tennessee.

Mid-East – More hare scramble action in North and South Carolina.

VXCS – Virginia Cross Country Series. Fierce racing on a small schedule.

VCHSS – Virginia Championship Hare Scramble Series. Challenging riders with some of Virginia’s best terrain.


Photography Sites

Passion 4 Dirt – Rob Beacham’s photo coverage from NCHSA, SETRA, GNCC and other series. It’s cooler than Chuck Norris, and Rob is close to that cool.

Limerick Photo – Michael Limerick is the man, and so are his photos. Check him out.


Parts, Accessories and Dealers

Best Unlimited Motorcycle Parts – Parts and Accessories that the riders WANT! It’s the stuff you want and need. You can’t deny the awesomeness.

Davidson Cycle Center – Motorcycle, ATV, PWC and Bicycle parts and accessories. It’s where the big ballers go.

Carolina KTM – Serving up a big plate of KTM awesomness to the Carolinas


Other Stuff

Jared Bolton on Facebook – If you’re not a killer or something, feel free to add me on Facebook.

Big Buck – Home of the Big Buck GNCC, landowner Henry Turner has a great website dedicated to the Big Buck!


Want to see your link here? Simply contact me and I’ll hook you up! (Unless you’re a porno or spam site)

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