I just may be one of the most ill-prepared people on the planet. Ok, maybe I’m not THAT bad, but I’m still pretty bad.

Example: Last Saturday at 3pm I decided to race the VXCS race at NC Motorsports Park. I take my bike out. Flat front tire, chain in need of adjusting, dirty and still had part of a punch card from a NCHSA race last month taped to the handlebars. Well after replacing the tube and tightening the chain I loaded it, still dirty I might add, onto the trailer.

When I drive myself to a race, I usually show up with few or no tools but somehow manage to have 4 rolls of duct tape (silver, black, green and pink) and dozens of zipties. Other times I’ve shown up without a stand. A couple of times last year I would show up with no cooler (therefore no water, gatorade, etc)

Goon with a broken subframe. Courtesy of Offroad Junkies

I have terrible luck. Yes, most of you already knew that. How many people do you know have got a 3rd place start, made it 100 feet, crashed, got up and had broken subframe bolts? How many people do you know have crashed their brains out on the first lap of a GNCC, twisted their handlebars straight down, looked like Scott Summers for 8 miles, stopped and fixed them, passed a bunch of people, then had a pipe fall off?

 Maybe this is due to illpreparation? Not exactly, because I’ve shown up illprepared more times than not and have actually finished more races than you realize.

Kinda good example… I showed up at the Battle of Atlanta with the following…
1. Bike
2. Gear
3. Cooler
4. EZ Up
5. Gas
6. Rag tag pit crew that was shared with Team Goon Hammer.
I lost my rear brakes on the first lap. I came in, Mark and Jared Fortner helped me get that sucker fixed and off I went. Even though I had a unscored lap I still rode for about 5 hours total that day.

I’m planning on going to the Snowshoe GNCC this weekend. I’ve never been before and know very little about how the resort is set up. I’m planning on showing up and winging it.

So what exactly am I rambling about? Well, nothing really. I’m just telling you that if you have a ragged out bike and goon it up, you can either prepare, or not prepare, because you never know what will happen either way.