It’s that time of the year again. Yes, it’s yet again time for the mack daddy GNCC of them all, Snowshoe. This race is widely considered as the toughest in the series and with it’s rocks, hills and seemingly bottomless bogs there’s no doubt it’s rough.

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Leading into the race this year, Josh Strang still holds a strong lead in the points chase. He was on fire in the early races winning the first 4 in a row and a second at Loretta’s. Then he had a nasty get off at Yadkinville and had a couple of down races, then came back at the John Penton. Charlie Mullins is also a favorite right now as he’s been the only real challenge for Strang. However, don’t forget Cory Buttrick! After his win in Ohio, he has to be hungry for more.

Now what happened last race? The John Penton was one of those races you kind of look at and all you can think is, “wow”

More than a few riders got struck with some bad luck, and didn’t finish. Cory Buttrick took the Overall win, and Jesse Robinson won the XC2 class.

Here’s a video..

So now the big question is, who will tame the beast known as Snowshoe? David Knight won’t be racing this year, and Strang was the only real challenge for him last year. Does that mean Josh will be back in the center of the podium? Will Buttrick make it two in a row? Or will Whibley get his first win of the year? What about the others? Mullins, Bach, Kanney, Kearney, Jarrett, Duvall, Hawk? Or can Kailub Russell take an overall win from the XC2 row? He’s already been close this year.

Right now, it’s anyone’s race to win, but come Sunday, we’ll see who’s the toughest.