Let's see what Charlie Mullins is up to.

Charlie Mullins has been a front runner in the GNCC series since he made his pro debut in 2005. This year has proved to be a good year for Charlie as he’s currently sitting second in GNCC points and leads the National Enduro points. I caught up with Charlie to see how things are going.

Hey Charlie, how’s things going today?
Things are going well. I actually just finished my first triathlon today. It was a lot of fun, but the swimming part really killed since I’m not a swimmer at all. I’m going to rest for the day and hit up some good motos tomorrow.
Wow, that’s a full weekend! Right now you’re sitting second in the GNCC points and you’ve got a pretty good lead in the National Enduro series, how do you see the remainder of 2010 playing out for you?
I just take it race by race is all. I have a good size lead in the enduros but anything can happen with three rounds left to go. I’m just focused on my riding and training and the rest will fall into place. In the GNCC I still have a chance at the championship so I’m going ride my best these last four and hopefully I come out on top.

In the the National Enduros Russell Bobbitt and Mike Lafferty have been the two guys to beat for years now, did you expect to have a 20 point lead in the series points?
Not really, I expected to win races, but the points lead is good too. Mike and Russell are really good in the series and tough competitors as well. I expect them to be right there at the end fighting for the championship too.

Most of the GNCC tracks are pretty wide open while a lot of the National Enduros tend to have a lot of single track. When transitioning from extreme to the other for a race, how do you prepare?
I grew up my whole life riding tight Ohio woods and I think that has helped me the most part in the enduros. I also like riding moto a lot now too. I think it helps my all around riding. When I prepare all it is is mindset. I have a enduro next week in Michigan and I just set my mind for what I have to do.

Between the two track types, which do you like better, the wider faster trails or the tighter single track?
I really enjoy tight woods. Its what I grew up in and it is just a lot of fun to see how fast you can go in tight stuff.

I can agree with you on that! Which do you feel faster in?
Tight woods by far I feel faster in.

Out of all the races you’ve ever been to, which one has been your favorite?
GNCC all time favorite track was the one they had in Petersburg, VA in ’03 and ’04. It was just awesome. Enduro would have to be Sumter, SC. I like tight woods and sand.

Charlie getting dirt nasty in Georgia. Photo courtesy of Offroad Junkies

Yeah, Sumter is a blast. Unless you’re on a row in the 100s. Other than racing the National Enduro rounds, how are you spending your summer break?
I stay busy doing all sorts of stuff. I enjoy mountain biking and exercising. My main thing I’ve been doing is riding my stand up jet ski. I’ve probably been out on the lake 3-4 day a week on that thing.

The stand up is the way to go. It’s like moto on water haha.. In the coming years, what would you like to see happen in the offroad racing scene?
I would like to see more rides out there for the up and coming young riders. There is a lot of talent out there and its so hard to get a solid ride when a rider really deserves it.

Do you think offroad racing can ever become a little more maintstream?
If they could find a way to make it spectator friendly I think it would pick up more. I believe off road racing has been getting bigger turnouts than ever, but I don’t ever seeing it being like MX.

Do you think someone could talk them into adding some type of offroad type race to the X Games, endurocross maybe?
I could see something like that happening. Endurocross is tough but it is spectator friendly and if it draws a big enough crowd I could see it possibly happening.

Who would win in a race, The Bandit from Smokey and the Bandit, or the Duke boys from The Dukes of Hazzard?
I would have to say the duke boys haha.

Hmm. It would be close. How about in a fist fight?
I would say the duke boys cause there is two of them ha.

Yeah, I agree with you. Plus they were always getting into those sweet brawls at the Boars Nest. Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you. Anyone you want to thank or give a shout out to?
I would like to thank Keith Obermeyer (Obermeyer Yamaha), Randy Hawkins, Donnie Luce, AM-Pro Yamaha, Parts Unlimited-Thor, Shoei, Scott, my dad and girlfriend Rachel. Also all the people cheering me on and pulling for me this year.

Cool. Thanks Charlie.