Rambling on Chat with K-Dreezyy!

Ever go to sign up at a GNCC and wonder who some of the girls working there are? Well, let’s take a moment to meet one of the cool sign up girls. Kendra DuPont, aka K-Dreezy, is one of those cool girls that makes sure you get to race. That’s pretty much all the intro she needs, so let’s get into the gangsterness in this edition of Rambling on Chat.

Alright, so for those who don’t know, explain your involvement with the offroad racing scene.
Well, I take AMA Cards and ask you if you need your stickers, OH, and most importantly, i say “gimme your money” :) aka, Registration!

So basically you play on the computer and put people in the right class?
Pretty much. It’s a good time.

Now, you’ve become pretty well known amoung riders in the offroad scene, what’s it like to be a celebrity?
Oh man, the paparazzi needs to stop. But, other than that, I’m just livin’ the life and enjoying it!

Yeah, the paparazzi are sketchy. We actually go back a few years before either of us were complete offroad celebrities. Can you confirm that we’re awesome like that?
Oh, we are beyond awesome.

Yep, that’s a definite fact. Out of all the races you’ve ever been to, what has been your favorite?
Ohhhh, this is a toughy. As much as I liked Sparta, I think I am going to have to go with… Snowshoe. Snowshoe is ALWAYS a good time!

Snowshoe is pretty much the best setting for a race, ever. So I’ll agree with you there. When you’re working at a race, who is your favorite rider to see come through the sign up line?
Barry Hawk, only because I have to make sure he doesn’t have poopy pants! hahah.

Working hard? Yes.

Hmm, poopy pants. Sounds sketchy. What is your favorite part of the moto industry?
Being able to travel and be around what I love.

How did you get involved in the offroad scene?
Big props to Drexel Payne aka ex-boyfriend haha.

On a scale from one to ten, how gangster can you get?
My gangsterness goes WAYYY beyond that scale. So I’m going to say about a 24.

That’s a fair assesment, and I would’ve said 26 at least, so don’t sell yourself short next time. If a movie was made about your life, who would play Kendra?
Myself, because nobody could ever be me. :)

What about Jared Bolton? Who would play my part?
You, because nobody is as awesome as you!!

Burt Reynolds, Rosie O’Donnell and Jared Bolton. You’ve got to marry one, kill one and shave one’s head. What do you do?
Sorry Bolt-on, I can’t marry you because have you seen Reynolds stache?! So sexy! BUT! I could never kill you, so sorry Rosie! Looks like you have a shaved head my friend!

Good answer. Burt is pretty hard to resist. Plus I need a haircut anyway, ya know? Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you, anyone you want to thank or give any shout outs to?
Well, I want to give a big thank you to Racer Productions to give me the opportunity to work for them. Hmm, Michelle Macan for hookin’ a sista up along with “Momma” Donna Macan, all my friends who support me, and most importantly the famous Bolt-on. Keepin’ it steezy since day 1. :) OH, and all the riders who actually cooperate with me when I sign them up!


Are you sure?
110% sure.

Positive Perry!

Okay, thanks Kendra!
No, Spank you!! K-Dreezyy is out! ♥