No, you’re not in the ATL and I’m not Gladys Knight. Welcome to this week’s edition of Chicken and Waffles, the weekly update on┬álatest happenings in the offroad world… kind of.

The tough part of the summer break is the lack of new and exciting info. If you’ve read the first two installments of the Chicken and Waffles then you know that so far I haven’t had much to report on. Well, fact is a lot of you don’t care because it still gives you something moto related to read about, right? Yep, and we all know that the more moto reading, the better.

One thing I can say right now is I’ve got a few new ideas for feature articles, interviews, product reviews and more. There’s a few on my list and I’ll probably split them between here and Offroad Junkies. Naturally the really good ones will post to Offroad Junkies first, so be sure to stay tuned there. As long as nobody steals my ideas before I can get them done, there will be some decent articles coming up.

Last weekend Paul Whibley got back to his winning ways again by taking the Overall win at the OMA race in Minnesota. From the sounds of things, it wasn’t a overly eventful race as Paul controlled the whole race to win over Scott Watkins and third place rider Nick Fahringer.

Outside of racing this week, Austin Bankert caught up with Chris Bach for an interview on Offroad Junkies. Chris talked about some of his success this year and commented on his current 2011 plans, which as of right now, are none. Check it out here…

What else has been going on this week? Well I heard something about some sort of big amateur motocross race in Tennessee. I think it’s only like the biggest amateur national in the world. Yes, I am indeed talking about the famous Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National.

A lot of you reading this probably don’t care too much about the motocross scene, so I’ll let you in on how the offroad riders have been doing at Lorettas… and yes, there are a few of them.

We’ll start with the big one first. Charlie Mullins has been contesting the 450A and 450A Prosport classes. Tuesday was Charlie’s first moto in the 450A Prosport class. Well, that didn’t come out too good as he had a flat tire right out the gate and only made two laps. However he managed to bounce back yesterday and finish a respectable 13th in 450A and 12th in 450A Prosport. Charlie has a few more motos to go this week, and I’ll try to catch up with him next week to get all the info on how things went.

GNCC 200-A class contender Cody Gragg is racing this week as well. Looking at the results he has logged a 20th and a 9th in his two motos thus far in the Schoolboy B/C class. If anyone has any info Cody, let me know and we’ll post it up as well.

With a few more days of racing at Loretta’s left, things are heating up for all classes and it’s sure to be a good finish to the week.

This upcoming weekend, the NCHSA series will host the Hare Scramble in Boonville, NC. This is just about 5 minutes up the road from the Yadkin Valley Stomp GNCC track, so if you’re looking to race this weekend, check out my survival guide here on the site and come on out. You can get directions and other info at

I’m about 45 minutes from the Boonville track and it’s storming pretty good at my house right now, in fact the power cut off for a minute and I had to retype that last paragraph since I didn’t get to save before it cut off! Anyway, from the looks of things dust likely won’t be much of a factor this weekend and mud probably won’t be too bad either.

That’s it for this week. If you have any moto news you want to submit, just contact me and we’ll get you in next week’s edition of Chicken and Waffles… Unless it’s something huge, then you’ll get your own post!