Welcome to the first ever iPhoto Gallery. Basically this will be a post of random images from the various races and trips I go on. For those of you who are my friend on Facebook, you’ve likely seen my “Random Adventures” galleries. Basically this will be the same images I post there, but I’m posting the best of each trip to the site for everyone to see.

Let’s get things started with the Offroad Junkies trip to the CRA race at LL Raceway in Pennsylvania.

Rhino on the road in West Virginia


That's me with my 'local' shirt posing with some sweet car.


Some kid struggling with a hill. He was a trooper and finally made it!


Charkie post race


Rob's bike with a little art work from me.


Post race parking lot shot.


Some little tiny town I had never seen before. I think it was called Pittsburgh or something like that.


Reppin' Offroad Junkies in a tunnel... With Charkie asleep haha


This one is for the Morgantown locals


Kind of an odd name there haha


Reppin' Offroad Junkies at a toll booth