This weekend the NCHSA will host Round 10 of the 2010 NCHSA Championship Series. This time it’s the newly named Hare Scramble in Boonville, NC.

The Boonville race was a new addition to the NCHSA schedule last year, but the land is no stranger to offroad racing. This is the same track the Mid-East Series races at when they go to the ‘Welborn Farms’ track. Same land, different names, different series.

This race is promoted by a true old schooler, Gray Leonard. For those who don’t know, Gray is a former ISDE silver medalist and was one of the top riders on the east coast in the early 1980s. Back when men were men, 2 strokes ruled the world, and bark busters didn’t exist.

That's the King Goon himself, me, at Boonville last year.

This track is only about 5 minutes up the road from the Yadkin Valley Stomp GNCC track and is actually owned by the same family. However, if you’re familiar with the GNCC track, don’t expect the same exact same type of terrain.

It’s kind of funny… The GNCC course is fairly flat and not too many rocks. Well, just a short drive up the road to the Boonville track will lead you into more elevation change and more rocks! No, it’s not a really rocky course like you would expect at the Mountain Ridge GNCC or Brushy Mountain, but there are a couple of sections that have what you could consider a bit of a rock garden. Don’t let that worry you though, they’re still easy to navigate. Just be sure to stand up and grip with those knees!

A common misconception about this track is that there’s more wide open field crossings than wooded sections. In the Mid-East race that is true, but Gray adds in some wooded single track sections. You wouldn’t see this at the Mid-East race since they run ATVs as well.

The start will likely be pretty long and fast into a sweeping turn before heading off into the fields of Boonville. There will likely be a couple of creek crossings throughout the course, so be prepared for that. The sections in the woods will vary from single track to fast quad width trails and back again. Last year it was mixed pretty well, and those who know how to ride single track could really excel when it got tight. Not to brag or anything but I pretty much rode behind Jesse Robinson through the tightest section of the track… Just sayin’ you know?

There will be some wide open field crossings. Thanks to the lay of the land there, you have to cross a field at some point, but Gray told me a while back that he’s managed to work in a new section of woods which will cut down on one of the field crossings.

People usually don’t like parking at this track. Part of the field you park in is on the side of a hill but there’s also plenty of level spots, but they will fill up quick! It’s also a good track to camp at with the pond, rope swing and more.

So to sum it up, be ready for anything at Boonville. Good luck to everyone and make sure to tune into Offroad Junkies next week for some coverage of the race and more!