It’s time. The first SETRA Enduro of the year is this weekend, and it’s the legendary Little Brown Jug Enduro in Whitmire, South Carolina.

The Little Brown Jug Enduro is one of the oldest enduro races in the country. This year will be the 57th version of the Little Brown Jug. This is also one of the highest attended SETRA races of the year, drawing around 400+ riders on average. The race has been held at multiple locations across the state of South Carolina over the years, but has always remained true to it’s reputation of being a tough enduro to conquer.

While the trail itself may not be that difficult, the early September heat, coupled with the silty soil mixture of the area makes it a demanding event. The ‘jug’ trophies are another trademark of this event and are somewhat of a treasure for off-road riders in the south.

As for what to expect, you’re looking at around 60 plus miles of midstate South Carolina’s finest. The trees in this area don’t grow too close together, so there won’t be a ton of true single track. However, the soil in the area is like a mix of sand and clay which ends up being a bit silty.

It’s not far from the location of the Big Buck GNCC and Brown Jug NCHSA events, so if you’ve ridden those in the past, you can expect similar terrain. There won’t be too much in the way of extreme elevation changes but there are a few gulley sections usually, and some smaller hills.

Also, given the soil mixture, the trail will start to whoop out a bit as more and more riders go through. If you’re on a late row be prepared for whoops and make sure to stand up… A lot.

Being early September, the heat will still get to a lot of riders so make sure to stay hydrated. I made the mistake of not wearing a Camelbak last year and it proved to be a costly mistake.

Expect a good turnout of pro riders. There’s a $1,500 purse on the line, plus it’s just a week before the Unadilla GNCC.

For more info on the race, check out and

Other than that, just be ready for a good day of racing in South Carolina. Make sure to stay hydrated and be prepared for anything. If you have any specific questions, just contact me and I’ll try my best to help.