iPhoto Gallery 4 – JGR MX

The iPhoto Gallery is here once again, and this time it’s something a little special…

These are a few shots from the Joe Gibbs MX test track. I didn’t get too many pics but I do have quite a bit of video footage and will post that here on the site soon.

Anyway, consider these somewhat of a teaser for the video and hope you enjoy them!

Stern warning when entering...


Justin Brayton


Kevin Walker on the left chatting with Tim Shutt on the right


Left to right is Shelby Rolen, Tracie Walker, Heavy D and Tim Shutt... Chillin in the shade. Yeah, it was hot.


I squeezed my hand into Shelby's gloves.. Yeah, my hand looked massive.


Shelby Rolen throwin' down.


I tried to give a sweet thumbs up while Shelby jumped behind me but I messed it up haha!


Brayton's bike... Isn't just sick nasty?

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