The GNCC Series made it’s return from summer break this weekend, and it returned with the Unadilla GNCC held at the legendary Unadilla Valley Sports Center in New Berlin, New York. The track has hosted National motocross races for over 40 years and has been hosting a GNCC for 5 years now.

Coming into the race, it was kind of tough to pick one rider for the win. However, as to be expected with Unadilla, a lot of people were picking New York local Nate Kanney as the winner. However, it had been 2 months since we had seen everyone in action, but they all stayed healthy over the summer, and definitely put in some seat time.

When the flag flew for the XC1 class, Eric Bailey jumped out front to take the holeshot, but eventually Jimmy Jarrett would take the overall lead. As expected, Nate Kanney would eventually make his way into the lead. Thad Duvall ran up front early as well as 8 time National Enduro Champ Mike Lafferty. Chris Bach diced his way through the pack as well.

Kanney controlled the middle part of the race with Jarrett close behind. However, Kanney went down at one point and Jarrett passed him back. Jarrett held on for the overall win by just five seconds over Nate Kanney. Chris Bach held on for a third place.

What about the championship contenders? Points leader Josh Strang held on for a fourth place finish, but 2nd place rider Charlie Mullins had a crash which damaged his throttle, and had to fight back to finish tenth.

In the XC2 class, Kailub Russell and Jason Thomas battled back and forth all day. Thomas was contesting his first GNCC aboard his new Husqvarna and proved to have adjusted to the bike well. However, nearing the end, Jason Thomas went down on the motocross track. This allowed Kailub Russell to make the pass for the win. Scott Watkins rounded out the top three in XC2.

Jordan Ashburn once again took overall amateur honors with his 16th overall finish.

Your overall podium for the morning race was Sportsman A class rider Chad Tallman followed by Brooks Hamilton and Josh Knapp.

In the Womens class, Maria Forsburg once again took the win. Shelby Rolen fought back from bike issues and a dead last, nearly row behind start to finish second in front of LeeAnn Bange.

The GNCC Series continues the weekend of September 25th and 26th with the Titan GNCC in LaFayette, Tennessee.

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