It’s back! Yes, the GNCC series has returned from summer break and it’s back in fashion. Rob Mitchell and I made the trip.┬áHere’s some random iPhone shots from our trip to Unadilla… Down side of the weekend was that I somehow left my camera on in my bag, killing the battery, and with no charger, I got no footage. Anyway, enjoy what I do have!

We messed up on the way and came through Washington DC. Here’s The Pentagon
Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial
Does the Fresh Prince live there?
Welcome to PA
Some guy blew Rob a kiss… So he waved haha
I wanted to go to The Office.
Welcome to New York
New Berlin, New York
View from the road
Rather long sign up line.
Charkie doing some sleep work.
Great to be at such a legendary facility
Landscape shot of the motocross track
KTM pits
Guy on a Can-Am! He’s more of a man than me.
The legendary Ghost of Unadilla
Race winner Jimmy Jarrett
Chris Bach just after tossing his goggles.
Mike Lafferty
Kenny Gilbert
Charkie… check out how the camera warped his fender!
Thad Duvall
Former Indiana Pacers center Rik Smits
Jason Thomas
Cory Buttrick
Gravity Cavity
Yep, it’s a Gremlin.
Back in my driveway at 4:38am!