NEPG Louisiana National Enduro
March 20, 2011

Mom and Dad picked me up Friday around 2pm and I was already excited about going racing! I knew that it was a long ride there so me and Dad kicked back and watched a movie while Mom drove. We got to the hotel in Alexandria around 1am Saturday morning.

I woke up Saturday and sat in the room for a while and chilled, then did some light cardio. Waited on Mom and Dad to get back from doing some errands. When they got back Dad and I went over to the track with the Trammels and Grizz to check it out and sign up. When we got there Russ and some other Pros were out practicing so we hung out with their mechanics for a while. Always good to see Rockstar Tony Hall :-)

Sunday was race day. I felt good that morning and already knew the day was gonna be awesome! We had a nice transfer section out to the first start. Cole Kirkpatrick and I rode out there on a steady pace. The first section was the section that I thought was the best. It was pretty tight but had a really great flow to it. I didn’t have the best score but it was still a decent ride. The second section was a blast! I had a awesome time riding it!  The third and fourth sections were seemingly identical. They were both sandy with the burned pine trees everywhere – I loved those sections! Section 5 was fast but rooty, and 6 was tighter and I did not flow well through it.

When the race was over I was anxious to see what place I was in. Chase Bishop’s Mom Connie informed me off of her phone that I was in third place. I was pretty disappointed because I had a good ride, just not good enough. I just shook it off after a while because I knew that I tried my hardest and did everything I could. Congratulations to Chase and Alex McCree on good days for 1st and 2nd in Open A. And a shout out to Paddy Holloway for top amateur of the race. And of course our GA boy Russ on the top step!

Had a really good time riding with Cole – great job for 10th after shoulder surgery.

See ya’ll at Texas!