Indy 100 GNCC iPhoto Gallery

Here’s some photos from the Indy 100 GNCC via my iPhone… Enjoy!

Welcome to Indiana... It's about to rain.
Barry Hawk doing the course description
Random car stuck way out in a corn field
Something funny going on here I guess
Then the rain came
Kind of a lot of water there
GK's "real man's steak".. 16oz of pure awesome
Sunday morning after the cancellation announcement was made
Tow out action
Photo taking showdown between Jen Kenyon and myself
Pro pits
FMF being pushed AND pulled out
Can-Am getting the job done
Yes, that tree is growing out of that sucker!
Another rescue by the Sweco!
Packing up sign up
Hoop and GK packing the truck
View from the road
That car got a bit roosted!

2 Replies to “Indy 100 GNCC iPhoto Gallery”

  1. that car stuck in the cornfield reminded me of trying to go “parking” in the snow and being worried about getting stuck then having to explain why I was there.

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