NEPG Arkansas National Enduro
May 22, 2011

I knew that Arkansas was going to be similar, but a little rockier, than Tennessee. I had never raced in Arkansas before, but had raced similar terrain around home, in Missouri, and especially Loretta’s with the rocks. When we drove in Friday night I was excited because it was pouring rain and storming, and I love the muddy races, especially if it rains during the race. On Saturday though we were out at the property and it had handled the rain pretty good and didn’t rain all day Saturday. What I didn’t know is that is was going to pour again that night and during the race.

On Sunday we woke up to drizzle and some fog, and a lot of humidity. It had poured during the night and looked like it could again. I was on Andrew’s row and it started pouring again about the time we started. I had a really good Section 1 and it turned out to be my best of the day with the 10th best time. Section 2 was good, but I struggled a little more in there.

Section 3 was a good one for me but evidently there were some people having issues getting from camp to the restart so they threw that section out. It was pretty technical with hills and off-camber, so it was fun to ride. Section 4 was great until my barkbuster fell down (I gotta get a better mechanic haha). I still finished pretty good with the 15th fastest time in there.

My trouble came in Section 5. I had been in the hunt for Overall A and the Open A win until I chose the wrong line through a mud bog. I stuck it up and had to pull it out a wheel at a time. That burned energy and time and probably cost me a couple minutes in there. Section 6 was fun and I was not getting tired, it had just been a long day. Section 5 and 6 had turned out to be muddier than the other four tests.

Hats off to Paddy Holloway for taking OA Amateur, and Justin Sode for the win in Open A. I ended up 2nd just seconds behind Justin and seconds in front of my buddy Chase Bishop (hey ya’ll help him out with his ISDE trip!).

Had a great time. See everyone in Wyoming! Chase, Tyler Trammel, and I are going out early to train and babysit my Dad.