Thomasville, North Carolina – For the summer of 2011, Jared Bolton will be producing a mini-documentary highlighting one of the most legendary off-road races of all time, The Blackwater 100.

From 1974 to 1993, Blackwater served as “America’s Toughest Race” and the prestige of the race was among the highest in all of the off-road racing world. This single event would eventually lead to the creation of the Grand National Cross Country Series, which would quickly grow into America’s Premier Off-Road Series.

Over the years, some of the greatest off-road racers would make their attempt at Blackwater glory. However, it wasn’t always the fastest that would win. To take a race as rugged as Blackwater, you had to be smart. This was just another factor that made the race so tough.

As the race grew in popularity, so did the spectator turnout. Thousands of fans would invade the small town of Davis, West Virginia one weekend each year to see some of the most rugged off-road racing in the world. Unfortunately, this would also be a contributing factor to the demise of the event as some of the spectators became more interested in having a party than the actual race.

The town of Davis pulled the plug on the event after 1993 and since then the race has only lived on in memory. Since 2007 the GNCC series has held the Snowshoe GNCC at the Snowshoe ski resort in West Virginia. With this being a short distance from the Blackwater location, the event does it’s best to pay homage to Blackwater. The Grand Prix style start and rugged terrain is the closest you will get to Blackwater in the modern off-road scene.

The latest tribute to Blackwater will come in form of a short documentary which will be produced by RacerTV cinematographer and assisting GNCC announcer, Jared Bolton. “Basically I just wanted to bring the history of the GNCC series to the masses” says Bolton. “There’s many people like myself who never got to attend the Blackwater, but are really intrigued by the whole event. It’s a huge piece of GNCC history, and I want people to be educated on the roots of our sport”

This documentary will be known as “Blackwater Remembered” and depending upon the final length, will be available online in either multiple parts on YouTube, or in it’s entirety on Vimeo. You will be able to see all the sections posted together at

Bolton adds that “A project like this can be a big undertaking but I want as many people as possible to be exposed to this film. That’s why it will be available for free on the internet.”

Bolton is also seeking additional help for the production of the film. He will be seeking out people who raced or attended the Blackwater to get various opinions, stories and more. There’s also plans to pay a visit to Davis, West Virginia to visit some of the various spots where the track was to show what it looks like now. This will be easier with assistance from people who were at the event. Plans are to visit Davis on June 23rd, 2011, the Thursday before the Snowshoe GNCC.

If you are interested in contributing any video footage, photos, opinions, stories or anything else, you can contact Jared Bolton via email

“I’m really excited for this project.” Bolton says. “It’s been in the back of my mind for a while, and I’m ready to make it happen”

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