I’ve been slacking super bad lately on new posts, so I figured I would kick things back into gear by taking some time to post up some stories from the road over the past few weeks.

Labor Day weekend I headed to South Carolina for the Little Brown Jug Enduro. I met up with Kevin Novello from Trail Rider Magazine as he made the 17 hour trek south to take on the race. I cruised around the woods a bit on race day and checked out some of the sights. The course was probably the best conditions I’ve ever seen for the Jug since there was virtually no dust.

The next weekend I had planned on racing the Unadilla GNCC on a loaner bike from Robin Johnson. A couple of days before leaving I got word that I would be filling in for Hannah Reid the entire weekend as opposed to my regular gig with RacerTV. So I ended up occupying my weekend giving the call on the microphone with Rodney Tomblin. I also got the chance to jump in and do some podium interviews and also hand out plaques to all the riders. It was pretty cool to mix things up for one race but I’ve definitely got even more respect for Hannah now because that definitely wasn’t an easy gig.

Fast forward to the following weekend and I was a little closer to home. Round 12 of the NCHSA series took place about 15 minutes from my house at Camp Walter Johnson in Denton, NC. This event was a popular addition to the series last year. I helped cut in some of the trail but wasn’t able to attend the actual race since it conflicted with the Titan GNCC. However, this year it fell on an off-weekend, so I got to lend a hand with the race. Friday I drove down and led in marking the course. We conquered the entire 6.2 mile course on foot in right around 5 hours, with a quick lunch break thrown in as well. When it comes to cutting trail or marking courses, I get started and just roll right along with it. I never heard a single complaint out of any official, rider or spectator about the course markings, so I guess that means I did okay. I did a few laps on Saturday which were my first time on a big bike in a few months, so it was interesting at first. When Sunday rolled around I spent the day doing some sweep riding and even got the chance to watch my dad duke it out with Charlie Mullins on the start of the Afternoon race.

My most recent weekend out was the Mountain Ridge GNCC in Somerset, PA. This was actually the first time I had made it to the Mountain Ridge facility. I knew enough about the place going in but the windmills on the property were still absolutely fascinating to me. I got to shoot a few cool spots throughout the weekend but getting from spot to spot in time was a bit of a challenge since the course was so spread out. However, I just put the hammer down on the trusty Can-Am Outlander and made it work with time to spare. Saturday evening we paid a visit to the Flight 93 Memorial just a few miles from the track. You could actually see the Mountain Ridge facility on a portion of the access road to the memorial. The memorial itself was definitely a very well design and fitting tribute to those who lost their lives on 9/11 and it seems like there’s plans to make it even better in the future.

This week I began a new gig as a contributor to the Quick Fill article posted each week on the GNCC site. Judging by the response, I guess I did pretty good. See for yourself… http://www.gnccracing.com/articles/3590_quick-fill-37-championship-season-

That’s what’s been going on recently. Well, the interesting stuff. Hopefully I’ll have some fresh and better content coming to the site soon. Until then, go do something more useful.