Check out some more photos I dug up.. This time it’s the 2008 Yadkin Valley Stomp GNCC…

Scotty Brooker hard at work...
Barry Hawk returned from injury at Big Buck and Overalled the Morning Race...
Morning race action
Knighter on the creek jump.
Glenn Kearney
Former World Supercross Champ Heath Voss took a crack at GNCC at Yadkinville that year.
Charlie Mullins
David Knight
Jason Raines
Josh Weisenfels and a cameo by 1/2 of Hoop on the right...
Someone blowing out the berm
Not a great pic but notice the kid that ran under Kanney and almost got his head taken off...
Another bad pic but this is Jason Thomas on his way to his first XC2 win. At that time, nobody knew who he was and he just came out of nowhere. Next race, he was with the F.A.R team and has been since.
Brad Bakken
Paparazzi photo of Weege and Rodney
Josh Strang taking his first GNCC Overall win.
Top 3 Overall: Josh Strang, Charlie Mullins and David Knight