So I headed out to the Rad Dad National Enduro in Westpoint, Tennessee and had a blast running around snagging a few iPhone photos here and there. The Instagram app is pretty much one of the best inventions for anyone taking photos with an iPhone, and as you can tell, I used it… A lot. Anyway, check out some of the photos from the day…

Nick Fahringer, Bo Bobbitt, and Charlie Mullins setting their watches to the key time.
Cory B before the start…
Charlie Mullins in section 1
Cory Buttrick in section 1
Mike Lafferty in section 1
Toby Price in section 1
Steven Squire rolling down the road
Cory B rolling through section 3 while Natalie Simmons captures the action on video.
KTM pit stop after section 4
KTM pano shot.
Overall podium