Step right up, come on folks, play the game. Step right up. You! You sir or madam (I don’t know because I can’t see you) How would you like to win kinda fabulous a prize?

Ok, enough of the carnival crap.

Here’s something for you…

Leave a comment on this post giving me your guess for the podium at the Snowshoe GNCC. Top 3 for both XC1 and XC2 classes.

If you guess correctly and in the correct order for either class you’ll win a FREE DVD from Vision Moto. If you already have what I’m offering, you’ll get another sweet hook up. Also, I’ll give you a free Commitment DVD when it comes out.

If you have all the correct riders in any order in any class, I’ll set you up with a nice discount from Vision Moto.

If you guess both classes correctly in the correct order, well, if I could afford to give you a better prize I would.

The entries who have the correct answers will be chosen by random selection. I don’t play favorites!

Also, when you enter, please either include your contact info in your comment or email me at and be sure to let me know which comment was your’s. (as in, the name you used and your guesses)

So comment and add your guess, then check out