When Offroad Junkies launched earlier this year, one of the first big followers of the site was a guy who went by the user name ‘Mike Honcho’ which was later shortened to Honcho. He’s been one of the biggest supporters of the site thus far and has provided some good input.

On a side note, I attempted to steal some Facebook pictures to put in this interview. However, it seems that Honcho would like to keep his true identity a secret because all his Facebook photos are hidden. Hmm, witness protection program?

Anyway, let’s meet the famous Honcho and see what he’s all about.

So you’re kind of like the original Offroad Junkies fan, and a bit of a consultant. How did you hear about the site?
I saw it carved in one of the stalls at a local strip joint. I thought it might lead to some discreet safe fun. However I found out it was just some red headed kid using slang. Big disappointment. It could have been worse though, could have been a fat chick.

Hmm, that’s intriguing. What attracted you to the awesomeness?
I want to be famous, there I said it. I want an MTV series about me. Then I want to parlay that success into low rent commercial acting gigs. Maybe even have my own QVC show one day. Dream big. 

You went under the name of Mike Honcho, at any point did this require you spreading your butt cheeks?
I will neither confirm, nor deny this. 
I’ll take that as a yes.. How did you become involved in the offroad racing scene?
This is my first real year of racing, I attempted some races last year but was just awful. I have since improved but still stink. But I have only been riding for just under 4 years total and only seriously the last 2 years.  
What has been the biggest highlight for you in the offroad world?
Hands down, being able to meet Jared Bolton. Biggest celebrity I have met to date. 
You made a trip to the hotbed of Offroad Junkies (North Carolina) for a Nascar race. Was there tons of sweet white trash eye candy in attendance?
Yes, without a doubt. I have never seen such an array of individuals in my life. What can be better than a guy with a Dale Earnhardt tat with a mullet smoking Marlboro ciggy’s chugging brews? In my mind if you can witness that all in one place, you have seen it all. I will be back for sure because it is all too funny.  
Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. What kind of awesomeness did you experience the Friday before the race?
Lets just say we showed up at this go-kart joint, got smoked by some locals and had my Crystal Gale shirt ruined.  
That poor poor Crystal Gayle shirt. What would you like to see happen with the offroad scene?
I would like to see some money come back to it to bring more people into it. Companies that had to cut costs, cut in the offroad department. Mx and Sx makes all the bucks and gets all the hype and girls with bombs. Offroad gets the leftovers because it doesn’t draw the crowds. All of that will hinge on the economy coming back around though.  
Do you ever see offroad racing becoming a little more mainstream like Motocross and Supercross has become in past years?
No, but I am ok with that. That is what makes the offroad scene what it is. Everyone is friendly and accessible and just one big family. I think it helps that guys like you the ORJ crew and Digital Offroad are putting up videos and keeping things fresh. It helps keep pulling you back in for more and it pushes others to try to keep on top of their game. The real reason is that offroad racing just isn’t as fan friendly. You can see most or all of the track at MX or SX. Not so with the GNCC series, WORCS or National Enduro.
Burt Reynolds, Rosie O’Donnell and Jared Bolton. You’ve got to touch ones butt, kill one and shave one’s head. How’s it go?
The Bandit – butt touch
Rosie O – shave her head
Bolt-On – Kill
Alright, that’s the exact same answer I was thinking of. Well, I think that’s about all the questions I have for you. Want to give any shout outs or thanks to anyone?
Chocolate milk and Clausen kosher dill pickle spears they are addicting. 
Awesome. Good choices. Thanks Honcho.