Brayton’s bike… Isn’t it just sick nasty?

When you hear the name Joe Gibbs, what do you think of first? Three Super Bowl titles? Success as a Nascar team owner? Well, most of you reading this website will probably think of the motocross team first, right?

Well, no matter what you think of first, you know the name. Gibbs has built an incredible organization over the years and when his son Coy brought the Gibbs name into the motocross and Supercross world, it was no surprise that success came as well.

Joe Gibbs Racing is based out of a state of the art facility in Huntersville, North Carolina. Their shop houses both their Nascar and Motocross teams. What about practice for the Moto team? Well, they have that covered too in the form of a private test track.

I made the trip out to the track on an invite from Shelby Rolen who was getting her suspension dialed in for this weekend’s National at Steel City in Pennsylvania. The JGR crew got her set up right and after today’s ride, she’s going to be ready to go this weekend.

The day started out strong with Justin Brayton and Les Smith laying down some crazy fast laps on the track. They were definitely making everything look super easy and in case you didn’t know it already, those guys can haul the mail. Kevin Walker was there as well, and as expected was throwing down some killer laps as well. In fact, I was comparing him and Brayton through one section and couldn’t tell much of a speed difference.

Shelby spent some time working on getting the suspension set perfectly, and with the help of JGR’s Tim Shutt and Spencer Bloomer, the bike got better and better as the day wore on. Heading into Steel City this weekend, she’s feeling confident in the bike and I would definitely say she’s going to be on it.

The track itself is a great facility. The Motocross flows awesome and has some impressive jumps. It’s fast, but also technical and it definitely keeps you on your toes. The Supercross track is of course what you would expect out of a full blown Supercross track with some truly killer jumps and insane whoops.

There really wasn’t too much excitement on the day. It ended up being another good day¬†at the track, which, you’ve got to love. With the exception of a snake threat, all in all it was pretty successful and I believe everyone out went home happy.

For more on JGR MX, including what they can do for YOU, logon to and check them out. They’re definitely a top notch group, and will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your ride!

Until next time, stay goony my friends. Bolt-On out.